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Body Spider
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Webbing

Life Drain


Arachdiance is a predatory alien from the planet Kireina Sekai. It is Retrestore's natural predator


Arachdiance is an over 50 foot tall, multicolored spider. It has the kanji for drain on its thorax and a meter showing the life force it absorbed on its abdomen.

Powers and Abilities

Arachdiance is capable of draining the life force out of targets, much like Darkstar, The meter on his back tracks how much it has. It gets a continuous supply via waiting for the Chiseishin to recharge.

It can produce vast amounts of webbing at a moment’s notice, and can lay webbing traps that string up the victims for easy harvesting. On its homeworld, it’s species creates large webbing fortresses in caves where it keeps its hostages.

It’s very delicate and precise with its movements, as it has to be, because injured Chiseishin give low quality life energy.


It is not much of a mover, and is very slow.

It is surprisingly prideful for a non-sentient spider alien.

Its abdomen is a weak spot.


  • This is my entry to CaT’s Spooktober Horror Contest.
  • Alan came up with the sample’s name.
    • It does not actually lack a species name. The Chiseishin have a name for it, but it is literally impossible for most species to pronounce, and not enough off-worlders deal with this to get an non-Chiseishin name.
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