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Body Arachne
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Agility
Superhuman Reflexes
Web Generation
Wall Scaling
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Stealth

Ara'Kne is a humanoid species with the lowerbody of a giant spider from the planet Arachnoss.


Ara'Kne upper bodies are that of an humanoid which have pitch black faces with no visible mouth. They wore a purple headdress similar with lavender webs design. They have six pupil-less, monochromatic red eyes. Their most noticeable physical trait is the lower half of their bodies which is that of a giant spider adorned with a large designs on their backs. They have black carapace covering their arms from the shoulders down, and gauntlet-like plating on their hands that end in sharpened points. Their fingers are also very long.

Powers and Abilities

They have enhanced Agility thanks to their 8 legs.

They have very sharp claws,that are able to cut human skin open.These claws can also be used to cut their webs.

They have enhanced reflexes thanks to their 8 legs.

They have the ability to expel webs from their arms and abdomen. These webs are stronger than titanium.

Due to their appearance they can easily intimidate weaker opponents.

They are able to use their threads to manipulate a person's movements to an extent.

Due to their speed and agility alongside with their darker color, they're very stealthy.


Like earth spiders and Arachnes, they can get intoxicated when they ingest caffeine.

They are sensible to extreme temperatures, like being in a hot bath or snow. Lower temperatures will cause them to hibernate.

Notable Members


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