General Information
Star System Aquil System
Entity Type Planet
Environment Sub-aquatic
Forest (surface)
Habitability Habitable
Sapient Species Teslamorpha
Coral Titanoforms
Aquillis is a planet that is home to the Teslamorpha and the Coral Titanoforms.


Aquillis is a planet with a surface 95% covered by water. As such, the majority of its species live beneath the waves. Of the few species that do live on the planets limited landmass, most are in some way aquatic, amphibious, or airborne. The fruits that grow in the land-based trees are some of the most delicious in the galaxy.

The sheer size of the planet allows room and resources plenty enough to support the planets massive variety of wildlife, including two sapient species. The Coral Titanoforms were the first of the two to become sapient. As huge coral colonies, they use their psychic powers to create powerful shields they use to protect the environment. Towards the end of their life cycles, they often become a part of the environment themselves.

The Teslamorpha are the more dominant race of the two. Being descended from hunters, they had far more drive to develop than the Titanoforms. Despite this, they learnt fairly quickly not to build their cities in land guarded by the Titanoforms (which was pretty much anywhere a coral reef would grow).


The Coral Titanoforms achieved sapience long before the Teslamorpha. However, their passive nature meant they never used this sapience for anything meaningful.

500 years ago, a city was built upon an artificial island floating on the surface of one of Aquillis's oceans. It was created by the Teslamorpha to find a solution to being unable to build many underwater cities due to the Titanoforms that guard the reefs. The city has since proven to be an incredibly popular holiday location, especially amongst water-based species.

Known Inhabitants

Sapient Species



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