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With that kind of power, you two could change just about anything you wanted. Why not take advantage of that?

–Speaking with Theodore Logical and Nova Eldridge, Gloomy Sunday

General Information
Species 1/2 Human
1/2 Dyidro
Home World Earth
Age 21
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Hydrokinesis
Equipment Throwing Anchor
Associated Tarot Ace of Wands
First Appearance Working on the Railroad

Aquarius is a key member of the Zodiac Organization from Tech 10: Star Spirit.



Not much is known of Aquarius's history at the moment. She was raised in an Alaskan fishing town, eventually leaving to pursue higher education.

At some point, she joined the Zodiac Organization under the promise of wealth, and went through a hybridization process that fused her DNA with that of a Dyidro.


Aquarius has a tall, lean build. She has light skin, dark blue hair, and ice-blue eyes. She wears a standard white sailor's uniform with black shoes, and carries around an anchor on a metal cable.


Before being fused with alien DNA, Aquarius had no special abilities to speak of.

After the fusion process, she gained control over water and ice, able to switch the two from one to the other and manipulate them into various shapes.


Aquarius is obsessed with water and the ocean, going so far as to state that she'd rather live in the sea than on land. She has high drive and intense focus, to the point where she frequently overlooks new solutions to the conflict at hand.

She has a somewhat cold exterior, and is easily annoyed by people losing focus on the task at hand.


Aquarius carries a specially-made throwing anchor hooked to a metal cable. The anchor itself has a special pocket in it filled with water, allowing her to easily control its direction and momentum. She uses it in combat to great effect, grappling from place to place and using it to ensnare opponents.



  • Aquarius's Tarot is the Ace of Wands, associated with invention, creation, creativity, intuition, delays, misunderstandings, disappointments, and fantasy failed to translate into reality.

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