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Aquapus is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Aquajurri from the planet Lammar.

General Information
Species Aquajurri
Home World Lammar
Body Octopus Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hydrokinesis
Wave Creation
Water Blasts
Ink Projection
Suction Cups
Underwater Sonar
Underwater Respiration
Enhanced Swimming
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
First Appearance A Halo of Devastation Around Us


Aquapus appears to looke like a teal blue/green-blue and black octopus-type humanoid. He has 2 tentacle-like arms with 4 fingers on them and buff shoulders, almost like he has major muscles. He has a Goop-like chest with 8 small black thorn-like points going down the sides of his torso. He has a Myaxx/Vilgax type head with small little 6 tentacles coming down, forming his chest. He has two eyes like AmpFibian's but smaller and a darker blue center in the face and no mouth. He also has two more black spikes on his head which point upwards and are sharper. He has two Fasttrack-type legs that have 2 small pointed toes on them and black that run up to his knees. He has regular marine blue hibs and lighter blue arms as well and a regular marine blue body color. He wears the gamatrix symbol on his chest.

Powers & Abilites

Aquapus has water manipulation and is able to shoot water and water waves out of his hands and can shoot acid ink from his legs, which small holes open up behind them to release the toxic ink. He can very well stick to walls and run and fight combat style as well. He can go deep into the ocean/any water surface and use a sonar-like power to attract sea creatures/lead them away.


His only weakness so far is laser beams from his enemies, which can badly burn him and cause him to fall down.


In A Halo of Devastation Around Us, Aquapus debuted and was used to fight and kill Corrolieis. He was used again to save Maltha.

In It's All About Yalo, Aquapus was used to stop Yalo from escaping with the TV. 

In An Abnormal Day High Up, Aquapus flooded the room and broke out. 

In Space Dudes, Aquapus attacked Ninenine. 

In The Roller Ghoster Ride, Aquapus went on a ride with a fan. 

In The Mesmerizing Sector, Aquapus signaled the Affectu. 

In Entertain Me, Aquapus splashed the Gogoronis. 



Video Games

Mig 10: Enter the Gamaverse


  • Even though he looks like many different aliens, he has his own 'unique appearence'.
  • In Space Dudes, according to Mig, Aquapus's shapeshifting power was a glitch power. 
  • Aquapus's name is a play on the words aqua, meaning water, and octo, short for octopus due to his octopus-like appearance.
  • Mig has confirmed on several occasions that Aquapus has 2 more appearances left in Gamaverse.
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