Aquamare is an alien species from M.E.G.A. They are from Planet Sjaver which appeared to be destroyed prior to the arrival of the users into the past.


They look like formless beings made of water. They have tentacles that made out of water which can lash out at any heat source making it disappear. Only three had been shown so far. They can become larger by absorbing water into their bodies.


  • Water Manipulation
  • Water Mimicry
  • Elongation
  • Ability to absorb water to become larger


They have only appeared in Real History Lessons where they were captured by the Forever Knights around 1790, Sir Gawaine and Sir Blanco (who is a robot). They were saved by Squad A when they got stuck in the past.


  • They resembles Overflow.
  • Aquamare name is play on Latin words "Aqua" - Water and "Mare" - Sea.
  • They seemed to be able to hide in water.
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