Aqua Jolt is a member of an unknown species from an unknown planet in Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse.

Aqua Jolt
General Information
Species Hydrasapien
Home World Hydraoptip
Body Various
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shapeshifting
Electrified Water Projection
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Strength
Underwater Respiration
Surviving at low depths


Aqua Jolt's shapeshifting allows him to take an many different forms. His defeaut form however, is humanoid. His body is the build of Heatblast and he is five feet tall. The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest. Coming from the Omnitrix are two little wires, then then come up to a green collar around his neck. His legs are yellow with blue fins on his knees. His arms are yellow and four-fingered. His left arms has a strike of blue on it. He also has blue fins on his shoulers and elbows. His face is yellow and feline like, having four yellow whiskers. He has three blue fins on his head as well. He has a cat like tail, with tail fins at the end of it. When Aqua Jolt enters the water, his legs are replaced with his tails, similar to Ripjaws. He also grows gills and extra fins on his back, chest, and face.

Powers and Abilities

Aqua Jolt's main power is his ablitiy to shoot electrified water. The palms of his hands have holes, and he can shoot water from it. When the water comes in contact with something, it'll automatically by electrified. Aqua Jolt's species atoms are very disorted, allowing him the ablitiy of shapeshifting and regeneration. Aqua Jolt can also breath under water, and survive extreme water pressures. He also has enhanced strength and speed.


Aqua Jolt's electric water blast can harm him as well. Aqua Jolt's body can be disorted by sound waves. His electrical water isn't very effective agianst robots.



  • His enhanced speed is only much faster than a human, and his speed cannot compare to a Kineceleran or Aerophibian.
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