Aptendytes Ferrous is a species from an unknown planet. It is the predator species of Kraaho on Earth-68.


Aptendytes Ferrous is a twenty foot tall Penguin, with robotic red eyes and a grey steel coating instead of feathers. Its beak is three feet long, the inside of its mouth being a fan, and the tips of its wings are razor sharp. Besides this, it resembles an Earth penguin.

Powers and Abilities

Aptendytes Ferrous is an agile predator, with enhanced speed, strength, agility and swimming abilities. With its metal coating, the species has incredible durability. The metal extends to his wings, making them razor sharp. It also has a sharp beak.

The fan inside its mouth can spin and releases a powerful blizzard breath, able to freeze almost anything upon contact. It can freeze the terrain and then slide along it with ease to chase its prey.

Its coating gives it freezing resistance and heat resistance. It can swim easily through water and lava.


Aptendytes Ferrous usually swim in lava oceans, and charge out to go after prey.

Notable Members


  • Aptendytes Ferrous is named after Aptendytes, which is the genus name for the Emperor Penguin, and Ferrous, which is latin for "Iron."
  • The species is based off the Pokémon Empoleon.
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