Apprentices is the twentieth comic of Young Plumbers and tenth issue of Set 2.

Young Plumbers Comics
Set 2, Issue 10
Production Code B10
Release Date: January 22, 2013
Written By Paper
Artist Paper
Directed By Paper
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"The Final Level"
"False Positives"
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Villain's Academy
March 1, 2013, 2:13 PM EST

[Rex and Rocket are walking down the hall at the Villain's Academy.]

[Rex]: You know, if it wasn't so bright and well lit, I would think that something was up. It's just one of those days...

[Rocket]: Everything seems fine to me...

[They enter the lobby. Several students are walking through to get to different parts of the Academy.]

[Rex]: Remember our first day at the Academy?

[Rocket]: Yeah...

[Rex]: It was so weird walking into the Academy with all other students around...

[Rocket]: Yeah...

[The door to the docking bay opens up and someone walks in. They stop and look around before approaching Rex and Rocket.]

[Rex]: That's why I was bringing this up...

[He walks over to figure.]

[Rex]: Hello... You must be Ancy...

[Ancy]: I am...

[Rocket]: Nice to meet you... I'm Rocket...

[Rex]: The name's Rex...

[Ancy]: So what do you guys do around here?

[Rocket]: We're not normal students... We go on missions assigned directly by the headmaster, Lucifer. He's been gone for a few months, so we've been really bored lately...

[Ancy]: I know a fun place we can go...


[Rex]: It better be fun...

[Ancy]: Come on, I'll show you!

[He leads them back into the docking bay. They get into a ship and take off a panel later. On the next page, the ship is seen approaching a giant cube in the middle of space.]

[Rocket]: What is that?

[Ancy]: Some people call it the Cube, some people call it Space's Greatest Mystery, other call it the Giant Floating Deathtrap in space...

[The ship approaches and lands in the docking bay of the cube. Ancy, Rex, and Rocket get out.]

[Ancy]: But it's really called the Zone.

The Zone
March 1, 2013, 3:19 PM EST

[Rocket]: Isn't there another place like this...

[Ancy]: Yeah, the Perpelxahedron... but it wad destroyed and they built a new one...

[Rex]: Let me guess... Something is hidden here and you want to find it...

[Ancy]: You guessed correctly...

[He walks ahead. Rex stays behind and talks to Rocket for a moment.]

[Rex]: Love it how he just takes charge?

[Rocket]: Actually, he's pretty cool!

[Rex]: We'll see how it goes...


[They walk through a door into a blank white room. There are four doors, one on each side.]

[Rocket]: Which one?

[Rex]: I'm going to guess that one...

[He points to the left door.]

[Ancy]: Wrong!

[Ancy turns his hand into a blaster and fires a laser at the front door. It glows red and then dissolves, revealing another door behind it.]

[Rocket]: How did you know?

[Ancy]: I've been here before... Never been able to get passed the second room, though...

[Rex]: Hopefully we can this time...

[They walk through that door and enter another room.]

[Rocket]: Let me try my powers!

[He blasts kinetic energy at the other three doors, but nothing happens to them.]

[Rex]: Alright, my turn!

[He forms the Slam Cannon and grabs a chunk of the ground right from the center. He is about to fire it, but Ancy stops him.]

[Ancy]: Look!

[Right where Rex took the chunk from the ground, there is a drop down leading to another door. They drop down and head through.]


[Rex]: Man, that was lucky...

[Rocket]: Yeah, but next thing you know giant monsters will be dropping down from the sky...

[As if by coincidence, a rock monster jumps down from the ground. He is pure white with no eyes or mouth.]

[Rocket]: That did not just happen!

[Ancy]: Rocket, never say that again!

[Rocket]: Got it...

[He jumps forward and blasts a stream of kinetic energy at the monster. It gets knocked back but then regains its balance and charges at Rocket, knocking him back.]

[Ancy]: Rex, distract it somehow!

[Rex]: Whatever you say... Hey monster, over here!

[The monster turns around, allowing Ancy to blast it with a laser. It turns around to face Ancy, allowing Rex to slice it with the Big Fat Sword. It explodes as Rex lands on the ground. Rocket walks over to them.]

[Rocket]: I think I'll just be quiet from now on...

[Ancy]: You know that was going to happen anyway, right?

[Rocket]: Yeah, but you never know... Anything could happen...

[The only door other than the one they entered through opens up and the apprentices walk through it.]


[Rex]: You know, I was thinking... What is the treasure in here anyway...?

[Figure]: None know... That's why it means your a true adventurer if you come here...

[Ancy]: And you are?

[Figure]: The name's Kan... Orion Kan... I've here to find the treasure located within the Zone, and I'm assuming you are, too?

[Ancy]: We are, and we're willing to fight you for it in order to get it...

[Kan]: Easy now... I don't want a fight... We'll work together to find it...

[Ancy]: I'll agree to that...

[The next page or two shows a montage of the four fighting they're way through the Zone. They fight more of the monsters and also get lucky one or twice. They eventually make it to a room with a pedestal in the middle.]

[Rocket]: That's it! That's the treasure!

[Kan]: Finally... The Queen's Jewel is mine!

[He jumps over to the pedestal.]

[Ancy]: Queen's jewel?

[Kan]: You didn't actually think I would come here not knowing why I had come here... The Queen's jewel is said to be one of the most valuable things in the galaxy... But it does a whole lot more...

[Rex]: Like what?

[Kan]: And why would I tell you?


[He places his hand top down on the pedestal. He removes it and a golden hand suddenly appears in the pedestal. It sinks into the ground and then another pedestal with the Queen's jewel comes back up onto it.]

[Kan]: Now have a good day!

[Ancy]: Oh you're not getting away that easily!

[Ancy turns his hands into blasters and then begins to blast at Kan. He backflips repeatedly in order to avoid. He lands on the ground and then starts to run away from them. He tries going out a back exit, but another stone monsters jumps down in front of them. He jumps and punches the monster, but it grabs him and throws him into the wall. The Queen's jewel goes flying across the room.]

[Rocket]: Got it...

[Rocket jumps up and grabs the jewel.]

[Rex]: Now what? How are we going to find the docking bay?

[Kan]: If you give me the jewel I'll lead you to the docking bay... But first we have to beat the monster...

[Ancy]: Fine, let's go!

[Ancy blasts at the monster. Rex fires chunks of the wall out of the Slam Cannon while Rocket blasts kinetic energy. It get's knocked onto the ground. Kan jumps at the monster and then kicks it, making it explode into dust.]

[Kan]: Now, follow me...

[He turns around and finds that the apprentices are no where to be found. On the next page, they are running through the Zone with the Queen's jewel. The jewel is projecting a light in the direction that they should go in.]


[Rocket]: Can't believe he fell for that...

[Rex]: How stupid does he think we are?

[They go through another door and enter the docking bay. They board the ship and take off a few moments later. On the next page, they are back at the Academy.]

[Ancy]: So what should we do with the Queen's jewel?

[Rocket]: I don't know, you were the one who wanted to get it...

[Ancy]: I think I'll just keep it safe for now...

[Ancy walks off.]

[Rocket]: So what did you think of him?

[Rex]: He's a great fighter and he's probably great when you get to know him...

[Rocket]: But he's arrogant...?

[Rex]: Yeah, very...

[Rocket]: Well, hopefully it wears off...

[Rocket's communicator buzzes. He picks it up.]


[Rocket]: Yeah?

[Voice]: Just thought I'd let you know that the operations are going smoothly. All main projects are at the proper points, but our side project suffered a set back?

[Rocket]: What kind of setback?

[Voice]: The cores Psychobos stole were fakes... They destroyed much of his work... He'll have to start over from scratch

[Rocket]: Is that all?

[Voice]: I'll be coming back in two weeks to do some minor things, but then I'll be going again...

[Rocket]: Okay, see you then...

[He puts down his communicator.]

[Rex]: Lucifer?

[Rocket]: Yes...

[Rex]: I heard everything...

[Rocket]: It's a shame... I was looking forward to seeing Psychobos' work.

[Rex]: I was too... So you wanna go see what Ancy's up to...

[Rocket]: Sure, guess we're going to have to get used to him...

[The End]

The Final Level

False Positives

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