Apples in the Elementree is the fifth episode of Omni-World.


Episode number

Season 1, episode 5

Aliens futured

Ditto, Elementree, Eyeguy (cameo)

Last episode

The Beach

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Party Peoples in the House


A couple of Ditto clones are doing the dishes.

(Ditto 1): Hey, you forgot a spot here!

(Ditto 2): No, YOU forgot a spot!

(Ditto 3): He can't forget a spot, he cleans them! You're supposed to dry it and clean the leftover spots!

(Ditto 2): Hey, you two nitwits listen to me! I'm the boss here and your-

(Ditto 1): Dude, call down, you're freak-

(Ditto 3): Both of you shut up!

(All three Dittos): Noyoushouldyoulistentomeillbeatyourfaceoffrawrawrawrawraw!

Original Ditto comes into the room.

(Ditto): Ok, SHUT UP!

He sucks them back into him.

(Ditto): Argh! I hate my clones.

  • Ding-Dong!*

(Ditto): Oh!

Ditto opens the door.

(Elementree): YOU!

(Ditto): AH!

Elementree picks Ditto up by his neck.

(Elementree): You need to help me!

(Ditto): Ok, ok, just get me down.

Elementree sets Ditto back on the ground again.

(Elementree): Everyone keeps asking me to grow apples, but I can't!

(Ditto): Harsh. Well, try!

(Elementree): Hhhnnnnnghhhh....

He tried, but all he did was shoot lasers out of head!

(Ditto): Ok, ok. Try using your plant controlling powers.

Elementree tried again, but he made a huge vine that lifted up the appartment!

(Ditto): What the!? You have no control over your powers?

(Elementree): Sorry. Wait, I have to fart.

Elementree farts, like he said, but suddenly, apples fall out of his butt!

(Ditto): What the chocolate pudding? You could just fart out apples all along!?

(Elementree): I guess I could. Wait, now I have to sneeze.

He sneezes rainbows (!), and they cut the vine that holded up the appartment!

(Ditto): Well, eat beans and grow apples.

(Elementree): Ok, thanks!

Elementree walks away and Eyeguy comes out of the appartment.

(Eyeguy): What the vanilla pudding just happened!?

(Ditto): I helped Elementree fart apples and sneeze rainbows.

(Eyeguy): .....Wow.

(Ditto): You needed to be there.


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