Fortissimo Apollo
E-10, Apollo
General Information
Species Sonorosian
Birthday TBA
Affiliations TBA
Occupation Remedial Force
Criminal (former)
Con Artist(former)
Powers and abilities
Abilities Audiokinesis
Sonic Screams
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Object Duplication
Equipment Containment Suit
Relatives TBA
Alias TBA
Alternate Counterparts None
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance The Remedial Force

Apollo is an ex-con that was locked into the S.A.C.T's custody. Lieutenant Steel forces Apollo to join his hit squad, the Remedial Force, to give him a chance to redeem himself and to fulfill his use to the team.


Because he is made of living sound waves, Apollo wears a tall gray containment suit​ with black stripes, an overall rounded design, long arms and legs, and stumped feet. He wears a golden apollo piece surrounding his entire chest.


Apollo holds a grudge against people who screw him over, especially during operations. He is also short tempered, impatient and very picky about other people's music choices.

Apollo cares more about his safety than others, due to being afraid for a moment that Galena could destroy them, due to her history of setting the planet Piscciss on fire.


Prior to the series, Apollo made a deal with Fistrick. Fistrick left Apollo for dead to protect the cut from his operation that got him locked up by the S.A.C.T.

Powers and Abilities

Apollo can scream at audible to ultrasonic frequencies capable of overloading machinery and stopping projectiles in mid-flight.

Apollo has the ability to duplicate himself, but in a way where the clones aren't linked, allowing entire groups to be knocked out without harming the rest.

By combining these two aspects, Apollo can create a wall of sound, where his duplicates can redirect projectiles back to their source by bouncing them off of strategically placed his duplicates.

Apollo can detect vibrations in the ground.

Using his sonic screams, Apollo can locate objects/people (echolocation). Apollo can transmit sound waves through speakers (such as phones).

Apollo can channel vibrations to enhance his screams. Apollo can also use his sonic screams to create a forcefield barrier to cover himself from his enemies.

Apollo is quite agile, shown from his ability to jump quite high.

Unlike Ethan's form Echo Echo, Apollo is much stronger and is more indestructible towards blasts, given he's a taller Sonorosian.


Apollo has a fragile body which can be destroyed easily in battle, whether its by laser beams or bullets.

Because Apollo's containment suit is made of metal, he can be easily magnetized by a Biosovortian.

Like other Sonorosians, Apollo is vulnerable to electricity.



  • Apollo's name is based on both the instruments Fortissimo and Apollo.
  • Apollo has headphones so he isn't hurt by his own sonic screams.
  • Apollo's containment suit is based on Ultimate Echo Echo.
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