Apollo (Bill 10)

Apollo is a Flamer Elementoid from the planet Elementia in the Milky Way. This is Bill´s first alien


Apollo is a flaming humanoid with long, fiery hair and skin also made of flames. He wears a long-sleeved version of Bill´s shirt, blue jeans (jeans have holes in them), and fingerless gloves.


Season 1

  • And then there was awesomeness
  • Monsters in Manhattan
  • Elderly Menace
  • 10th world problems
  • Under the Sea (Accidental selected alien was Hydro)
  • When The Lights Go Out x4
  • Revelation (Accidental selected alien was Sonic Boom)

Season 2-4



Pyrokinesis: Apollo can manipulate fire and project fire at opponents.

Cryokinesis (If sick): If Bill is sick and transforms into Apollo, he is only able to manipulate ice and cold.

Flight: By projecting his downward, he can make himself fly.

Fire Immunity: Due to his body structure, he is immune to fire.

Cold Immunity: Due to his body structure, he is immune to cold and ice.


  • Apollo is the first alien to appear in the Bill 10 series.
  • Apollo is stronger than the average human as he shown in the episode When The Lights Go Out, he was able to punch a robodrone into a concrete wall.
  • Sick Apollo is actually a Chiller Elementoid,Because of the Biology of the Elementoids,This being the fact that when a Flamer or Splasher elemtoid get to cold,they become Chiller elementoids
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