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Apollo won Best Fanon Villain and Most Relatable Fanon Villain at 2017's Omniverse Awards!

Apollo Gif
General Information
Species Pyronite
Home World Pyros
Residence Pyros
Timeline Prime Timeline
Affiliations People of Pyros
Apollo's Army (Leader)
Occupations Ruler of Pyros
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Pyrokinesis

Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Pyro Immunity
Cryo Immunity
Flight (via Propulsion)
Limited Terrakinesis
Enhanced Speed (via Propulsion)

Equipment Ascalon
Alias Pyronite Warlord
Alternate Counterparts Apollo (Ultimate Ben 10 timeline)
Apollo (Mad Ben timeline)
Apollo (Gwen 10 timeline)
Apollo 23
Ultimate Apollo
Omni Apollo
Hulk Apollo
First Appearance Death of Ben 10
Last Appearance Death of Ben 10
Chapter 17

Apollo is the main villain of the Death of Ben 10. He first appeared in Prologue. He is a Pyronite Warlord and the current ruler of his homeworld Pyros in Earth-1010. He is the most powerful Pyronite to have ever lived.

Apollo was the featured character of April 2017!


Apollo looks like any other Pyronite, with charcoal-like skin and fire consuming his head. He has two volcano-like structures, one on each shoulder, each spewing its own stream of flame (similar to Ben 10'000's Heatblast)


Apollo is arrogant and controlling. He is an incredibly malevolent and cruel ruler. Were it not for his possession of the weapon Ascalon, the people of Pyros would have revolted long ago.

Powers and Abilities

Apollo is a Pyronite and therefore shares many of the same powers as the rest of his species.

The sword of Ascalon grants him an unreasonable amount of power. This weapon is capable of tapping into the fundamental forces of the universe itself, therefore Apollo is virtually unbeatable so long as he is in possession of it.

Being the ruler of Pyros, Apollo has the ability to command Pyronites to his will. This also gives him control over the Pyronite military.


Apollo claimed the sword of Ascalon through unknown means at some point in the past. Using it, Apollo quickly overthrew the previous king of Pyros and elected himself as its new ruler.

According to Sella Apollo conquered the entire planet only a few hours after slaying the last king. She also states that Apollo deals with rebellion too fast for word of it to effectively spread.

In Chapter 6 of the Death of Ben 10, Apollo arrives in the Solar system alongside a fleet of Pyronite warships. When Ben arrives aboard his flagship, Apollo orders his men to abandon ship. He is confronted by Ben in Chapter 10, but defeats him easily using Ascalon.

Misc Alternate Counterparts

Apollo (Ultimate Ben 10 Timeline)

This version of Apollo appears in the Prologue. He fights multiple Ultimate Echo Echo clones created by Ultimate Ben 10, and successfully fends them off for a short while. His fate is unseen.

Apollo (Mad Ben Dimension)

This version of Apollo appears in the Prologue. He attacks Mad Ben, however Mad Ben dodges his attack with Mad XLR8. He is killed by Mad Diamondhead off-camera.

Apollo (Gwen 10 Dimension)

This version of Apollo appears in the Prologue. He is confronted by Gwen 10, who uses a Celestialsapien form to protect herself from his attacks, then summons a flood of water from the walls of the room. His fate is unseen, however it can be safely assumed that he drowned there.


Death of Ben 10

Ben 10: Road Trip


Apollo is named after Apollo, a Greek god associated with the sun


  • Apollo was not named until the writing of chapter 2, hence why he is only referred to as 'Pyronite Warlord' in the prologue
  • According to Sella no one has ever escaped Apollo before, with the exception of herself.
    • Sella also tells Ben that some people believe that Apollo is a god.


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