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Omniverse Award Winner!

Apex won Best Fanon Nemetrix Alien at 2021's Omniverse Awards!

General Information
Species Human
Home World The Forge of Uncreativity
Body Human
Prey Alien X
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Omnipotence Debating
Narrative Interpretation
Devaluation Inducement
Crew Harassment

Apex is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of Humans from The Forge of Uncreativity and the predatory species of Celestialsapiens.


Outwardly, Apex consists of thousands of humans of varying age, sex, race and creed.


Unlike their Celestialsapien prey, Apex has thousands of different and unique personalities. Although all of the personalities have never completely interacted with one another, they share the same goal of obsessing over Celestialsapiens and particularly Alien X, who is considered a delicacy.

Although all personalities are equal, some have shown more assertiveness than others and have contributed to the addition of more personalities into Apex's being.

Apex works as both a solitary and pack predator, with the personalities targeting humans belonging to the fanbase of Ben 10, as well as crew members who previously worked in the franchise, in order to satiate their hunger.

Powers and Abilities

Apex has the supremely powerful ability to debate and question a Celestialsapien's omnipotence. Some of the personalities argue that they are merely nigh-omnipotent, whereas others believe they are multi-multiversal +++.

Apex can twist the narrative and suit their own needs, being utterly convinced they are in the right.

As a result of the above, Celestialsapiens, including Alien X, become scorned and hated by the rest of the fanbase due to being associated with Apex, therefore leaving them as easy prey for Apex to consume.

Apex will even resort to continuously and thoroughly harass crew members, bombarding them with repetitive and asinine questions every 5 seconds in order to gain not only more knowledge about Celestialsapiens, but also as fuel for their debating power.


Due to being composed of thousands of personalities, Apex is unlikely to ever reach a consensus and in-fighting is likely to ensue within Apex, making it an unstable entity.

The various personalities can be blocked from the Twitter feed of crew members, thereby forcing them to search for new sources of debating fuel.


  • Apex was suggested by Ultra as the name for a hypothetical Celestialsapien predator.
    • Ulti jokingly suggested that Apex is in fact the Alien X fanbase.
    • As a result, the perfect predator was created. You're welcome.