Apefruit is a Greipaldin from the planet Jamong who is free to use. He appears in Ben 10: Stupidity Force and Simien 10: Blood Monkey.

General Information
Species Greipaldin
Home World Jamong
Body Ape-like
Alternate Counterparts Pamplemonkey (French Dimension)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability

Grapefruit Manipulation

Grapefruit Juice Blasts

Users Ben Tennyson (BTSF Timeline)

Vorkus Comidas

Series Ben 10: Stupidity Force

Simien 10: Blood Monkey

First Appearance More Aliens!


He looks like a yellow gorilla, with a skin textured like grapefruit. His Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

Typing Quirk

In Simien 10: Blood Monkey, Apefruit talks normally besides capitalizing his U's.


Correlating with his gorilla-like form, Apefruit possesses super-strength and enhanced agility, allowing him to leap long distances or climb with ease.

Apefruit's grapefruit skin is incredibly tough, giving him enhanced durability.

Apefruit can open his mouth or open pores from the palms of his hands to fire corrosive and acidic grapefruit juice. He can also control grapefruit juice, including the one he fires, along with grapefruits.


He can still be eaten, and adults like drinking grapefruit juice.



Simien 10: Blood Monkey


Simien 10: Blood Monkey
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