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General Information
Species Nihilego's Species
Home World Ultra Deep Sea
DNA source Nihilego
Body Jellyfish
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Mind Control

Apatoxin is Derwin's Omnitrix's DNA sample of Nihilego's Species from the Ultra Deep Sea in Derwin 13.


Apatoxin is a humanoid jellyfish. She has long tentacles resembling hair.

Powers and Abilities

Apatoxin can infect a host with neurotoxin. The host will gain high aggressivenes, which is used to protect Apatoxin.

Apatoxin has the strengths of both a Rock and a Poison type Pokémon.


Apatoxin’s neurotoxin is hard to remove, and can only infect fully organic beings.


Apatoxin comes from apathy and toxin.


  • This is somehow the only Pokémon-series transformation in something related to Pokémon Sky.
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