General Information
Species D'press
Home World Lurkai
Body Armored Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Apathy Inducement
Hate Inducement
Agonly/Pain Inducement
Equipment D'press Containment Suit
Voice Actor Bryce Pappenbrook

Apathetic is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a D'press from the planet Lurkai and is a Free Use alien to be used in your series given the credit to me, AnOddEncounter (AnOddEncounter's_Odd_Free_Use_Service!).


Apathetic is a tall, lanky humanoid in a gray containment suit designed after an oversized hoodie. The containment suit has one hole in the head where he can see out of.

Outside of the containment suit, Apathetic is a black, oily humanoid with eyes crudely placed across it's body.


Depending on the Omnitrix wearer's level of experience, the alien has it's own personality that overrides the user's with Apathetic inside it's Containment Suit all the time, stewing in it's own secretions, he suffers from his own abilities, leaving him constantly bitter and resentful due to being in pain all the time. However he shows no interest in what other people do, despite constantly snapping at them in normal conversation.

Powers and Abilities

Apathetic can secrete a black, oily substance from his skin that induces three different negative emotions, Apathy, Hate, and Pain. This can be useful for stopping foes in their tracks by making them lose the will to fight with Apathy Inducement. Making large groups fight themselves with Hate Inducement. And causing them to be on the floor in pain with Pain Inducement.


Like said in the personality section, Apathetic isn't exactly a quality alien for diplomatic circumstances as he can hardly go through a conversation without yelling at the person in front of him.

Apathetic's abilities won't work on beings without emotion, or with a high pain-tolerance, such as robots.


This is a Free Use alien, you can edit this page yourself and add his appearances in YOUR series in a subheading!


This is a Free Use alien, you can edit this page yourself and add his appearances in YOUR series in a subheading!


Apathetic's name is a play on the words, Apathy and Pathetic. Or it could just be seen as the word apathetic.


  • This is probably the edgiest alien I'll ever make. I don't think I can top this. Don't @ me.


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