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The Anur System, also known as the Anur Belt, is a dark and gloomy solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy that girds the Null Void from regular space.


Massive cobweb-like structures seem to stretch across the system and link its various planets and moons together, though the exact origin and purpose of these giant webs is currently unknown. There is an anti-matter sun in the Anur System.


At some point, the Ectonurites used their ghost-like powers to slowly become rulers of every planet in the Anur System. These Ectonurites don't all work together and are mostly out for themselves.

Known Planets and Moons

Anur Phaetos

Anur Phaetos is the home planet of the Ectonurites.

It is blue and entirely composed of large purple-blue and black stones floating in a dark abyss. Ectonurites living there are revealed to be fairly aggressive, a trait that oddly seems to carry onto the landscape: the whole planet is surrounded in portals leading to "the darkness". Also, caves and walls are coated in electrical tentacle-like protrusions, and blow dart-shooting structures and pink spikes can be seen all over Anur Phaetos, with jagged bone-like structures as well. There are also red vortexes, moving platforms, "lanterns", holes that send strong gusts of air and portals leading to complex tunnels with numeral gaps, barriers, and hazards, making Anur Phaetos a highly unpredictable planet.

Anur Phaetos often phases into different planes of existence, being linked to the main physical plane only to a certain degree. This makes it difficult for someone to return home if they were to get stranded there, as they may end up in a different plane of existence if they were to leave the planet.

Anur Transyl

Anur Transyl is the home planet of the Transylians and, formerly, the Vladites. It is the closest planet to Earth out of all planets in the system, both in terms of proximity and appearance.

At some point during the Vladite-Transylian war, a major Corrodium explosion started a chain reaction, leading to the planet becoming unstable. The Vladites were later wiped out by the Transylians using captured Pyronite energy. At present, nothing actually lives on Anur Transyl, so much as it exists; high deposits of Corrodium energy allowed its inhabitants to survive as tortured souls living out their lives for the sake of it. Its primary inhabitants, the Transylians, were once fully flesh and blood but mutated over time until metallic-organic growths became part of their biology. Some of them try to make better lives for themselves, but most of them do not bother.

Luna Lobo

Luna Lobo is Anur Transyl's moon. It is the home of the Loboans.

Luna Lobo is a lush, forest-covered moon - one of the few "beautiful" places in the whole Anur System. A wooded moon, Luna Lobo's landscape is prowled with a race of cunning wolf-beasts with a thirst of blood. While these feral creatures mostly hunt in packs, it is a lone wolf beast that often proves to be the most savage of all. Luna Lobo was once warped into the Null Void for a few years due to a major teleportation accident. Due to the strange physics of the Anur System, Luna Lobo now occasionally disappears into the Null Void for indefinite periods of time. Some Loboans take this opportunity to escape the planet and start new lives in the Null Void, away from the Ectonurites' rule.

Loboans have voracious appetites and will eat anything - including their own kind.

Anur Khufos

Anur Khufos is the home planet of the Thep Khufans.

Anur Khufos has very large amounts of a glowing, purplish metal called Corrodium, which is highly radioactive and can cause hideous mutations to other species if they are exposed to its radiation above a critical level. Anur Khufos exists below the surface of perception. Due to the extreme heat, Thep Khufans live in small dome houses. Anur Khufos is considered the religious center of the Anur System, with many Thep Khufans having a high affinity for art and magic. This has led to them becoming ostracized by the rest of the system.

Anur Khufos is also home to carnivorous scarab-like aliens who co-exist with the Thep Khufans.

Anur Ormerow

Anur Ormerow is the home planet of the Ormerowons.

Anur Ormerow emits a strong stench, akin to that of rotten meat, and is full of ridges and canyons, making the planet resemble a brain. It is also regarded as one of the unhappiest planets in the universe, as the Ormerowons absorb all positive emotions from other inhabitants and visitors for themselves.

Anur G'rrnay

Anur G'rrnay is a planet in the Anur System. It is considered the least hostile planet in the system and its terrain is made up of bone-like structures.

Anur Millgan

Anur Millgan is a planet in the Anur System.

Anur Millgan contains large bodies of water such as swamps and is home to various aquatic and plant monster-like aliens. The planet is somewhat alive in a sense and often tries to "eat" its inhabitants.

Notable Inhabitants


  • Credit to Ultra3000 for some of these concepts.
  • Unlike their canon equivalents, the inhabitants of the Anur System do not think of other species outside of their system as monsters.
  • This timeline's version of the Anur System generally takes after the lore from pop-up trivia, cards released by Bandai during the original series, and Vilgax Attacks, including the original spelling of the vampire-like species, "Vladite" instead of "Vladat".
  • The Anur System is mostly composed of horror monsters:
  • The Anur System and its inhabitants are associated with the color purple, which is also a color associated with darkness.
  • Very few beings have any contact with the Anur System.
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