Anur System is a gloomy solar system inhabited by monster-like aliens that consist the of following planets.

Real Planets

Anur Phaetos

The Reverse Sun for the System, a dangerous homeworld of Ectonurites (Ghostfreak's species who conquered long ago and took over the system)

Anur Transyl

A Bustling but gloomy technocratic world inhabited by Transylians, Formerly by Vladats (who were destroyed by Transylians)

Luna Lobo

The moon of Transylians, inhabitated by Wolf-like aliens called Loboans.

Anur Khufos

A Toxic Desert Planet inhabitated by Thep Khufans, they are usually introverted.

Anur G'rnay

Home of the Vertebroids, skeleton-like aliens with the ability to shoot bone shards and grow bone brambles.

Anur Ormerow

A homeworld inhabitated by Zombie-like aliens called Ormerowons, the ones that attacked the mall in Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix.

Anur Milligan

The Homeworld of the Glaedites, Gillman-like aliens with slime-spitting and water-breathing abilities

Anur Vladias

A small planet inhabitated by Vladats. Now uninhabitated.

Fan-Made Planets


The moon of all the planets in this system, even Luna Lobo. Home of six alien species: the microphone Blacksts, the vampire Wingtafangs, the yeti Snowthings, the Bigfoot Big Feet, the slimy Goopsters, and the monster Monstraliens.

Anur Ph'yer

Home for the Dragon-like species. It is like a space traveling homeworld, and really hot since it is close to Anur Thoer.

Anur Thoer

It is bigger than Scarafo, and is the sun for the system. It is home for Lavors, lava-like species. It is filled with volcanoes and made of lava.

Anur End

In the dimension of Richard 10, Anur End is one of the two homes for the Enderman. It is unknown if it is here or the actual End where the Richard 10 movie, End, took place.

Anur Magicus

Anur Magicus is a dark planet at the end of the system in Ben 20. It is inhabitated by Magous Pythonians. The planet was also formerly known as Anur Wizardium. It also has a bright moon called Luna Claran (see below).

Luna Claran

It is the moon of the planet Anur Magicus in the Anur System in the series Ben 20. It is filled with medium-sized craters due to a meteor storm years ago. The natural satellite is home to Luxians, bright-lighted creatures. The moon is also very bright.

Anur Screechus:

The home of Toepick's species.

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