Anur Shar is the homeworld of Necronites (Gotht's species) in BATO.

Physical Image

Anur Shar has an oval-shape to it, with the color purple protruding the most. It has several asteroids orbitting it. 

On its surface, it is compromised mostly of purple-ish sand, with a desertous texture to its landscape. There are asteroids crashed around it, forming a sort of grave-like phenomenon. 


Most of the landscape is deserts, with very little light to it.

Despite having an atmosphere, asteroids frequently crash, and leave out stone debris resembling graves around.

Due to asteroids frequently piercing the atmosphere, lots of space hazards, be it poisonous gas or radiation, escape into the planet. 

There are pockets of darkness penetrating the landscape, often forming a null "sea" of darkness. The creatures that live in here often consume the neverending darkness as a form of nourishment. 


There were plans to include Anur Shar in Anur Chronicles, but that hasnt made it into play, especially with Anur Chronicles ending. So the including of it in media is unlikely anytime soon, but possible. 


  • It is said that it has the weakest gravity in the system. 
  • There is no day/night cycle to it. 
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