Anur Phaetos is a planet that is home to the Ectonurites in Ben 10: Omnitrix Wielder.


Anur Phaetos is located in the Anur System, which sits between two spiral arms of the Milky Way galaxy. The star system is in the heart of the gloomy Tenebris Nebula, which is infested with space-time rifts and anomalies. The fabric of reality in and around Anur Phaetos is highly unstable, which makes accessing it extremely difficult. As a result, Anur Phaetos has a unique ecosystem that is utterly devoid of mana but still supports life. The planet's pair of moons orbit unusually close to it. During certain parts of the year, their orbits draw them close together. When this happens, their combined gravitational pull draws Anur Phaetos's atmosphere to one side of the planet, leaving the other in a vacuum.

The surface of Anur Phaetos is shrouded in a continual night even darker than that of the other planets in the Anur System, resulting in a cold, unforgiving climate. The landscape is barren and rugged, while the sky is a deep purple. Jagged formations of dark rock form plateaus and overhangs. The planet's crust is honeycombed with subterranean caverns, many of which contain corrodium deposits. Whenever solar flares from the Anur System's tiny sun strike Anur Phaetos, they energize its unstable space, creating atmospheric anomalies that result in devastating wind storms. The lightning from such storms is a sinister purple and is so powerful that it turns the ground it strikes into unstable crystals, which glow with blinding brightness for weeks before they break down into normal rocks.

Anur Phaetos's harsh environment has led to the evolution of horrifying but resilient native lifeforms, chief among them the Ectonurites. Although they are sentient, an overwhelming majority these ghostly natives are hostile to offworlders and will viciously attack the few strangers who make it to the surface of their planet. However, a few do manage to leave and integrate themselves into the rest of the Anur System's society, especially on Anur Transyl.



  • Blackout (first appearance, cameo)
  • Vampire vs Whampire
  • The Darkest Hour Part 1
  • The Darkest Hour Part 2

Known Inhabitants

  • Ectonurites


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