Anur Khufos is the rocky, desert-painted home of the heavily militaristic Thep Khufans, as well as a partly domesticated predatory paper-wrapped Crabdozer-esque species.

Appearance and Weather

Anur Khufos is covered in arid desert, where its two seasons, comparable to summer and autumn in temperature, never bring rainfall. The planet experiences occasional tremors. The dried-up inhabitants have no need for water, however, focused more heavily on the now-depleted resources of the planet (crystals and gems that could infuse the wielder with power).


The world seemingly runs on a military dictatorship. At one point, Thep Khufan Commander Tersce Tenebrosi was at the helm, with his uncle General Warren acting as a small, mostly futile, check on his powers. A second-in-command, who holds no official powers, is designated simply for line of succession. At one point, this was Scarogus (and later, Loitus), who later became an unofficial third-in-command.

Currently, the show is being run by revolutionaries Commander Rex and his second-in-command and trusted advisor Plasma. They are responsible for having reunited the world while their predecessors neglected the people. The two keep almost exclusively on-world, as opposed to the often-warmongering travelers Tersce and Scarogus were.


  • Thep Khufans, the dominant race
    • Rex (current Commander)
    • General Warren (formerly)
    • Thep Khufan Commander Tersce Tenebrosi (formerly)
    • Scarogus (formerly)
    • Loitus (formerly)
    • Noir Squad
    • Palace Guard
  • Plasma (Ectonurite, second-in-command, native)
  • Crabdozer-esque Predators
    • Fossil, Rex's pet


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