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Anur G'rrnay
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General Information
Star System Anur
Entity Type Planet
Environment Varied
Habitability Very Habitable
Sapient Species Transylians
Thep Khufans
G'rrnay (extinct)

Anur G'rnay is a planet in the Anur System in Earth-1010. It was the central stage for the episode The Only Good Necroterran. It is the third closest planet to the Anur star.


Anur G'rrnay is a planet rich with technology left behind by the G'rrnay. The planet's surface is mostly covered in bizarre mechanical workings left to their own devices over the millennia, their functions unknown and their existence hidden beneath the dust and dirt that has since been allowed to reclaim the land.

The planet is dotted with bustling cities, inhabited by the races grateful for the sacrifice of their fallen brothers during the Vladat Wars, the same brothers who had built the cities to begin with. Beyond the cities lies lifeless deserts hundreds of miles across. Huge, white, segmented metal pyramids tend to form the centres of the cities. These were the laboratories of the G'rrnay, and none have set foot inside them since their passing.

Anur G'rrnay has the second highest population in the system, and each year they give thanks to the sacrifice of the G'rrnay race. In the planet's capital is a bronze statue of a G'rrnay soldier, one of many different designs across the world. It is designed so that the bowl easily overflows during rain, symbolising the overflowing hopes that the G'rrnays' sacrifices gave to the rest of the system.


Earth-1010 Lore
The following lore applies only to the version of this article that would exist within Earth-1010 continuities.

The Vladat Wars

Anur G'rrnay was one of the planets used as farming land by the Vladatian ancestors, who kept the Anurians in vast concentration camps here.

During the Anurian uprising, G'rrnay and Anur Tranyl were both used as the capital planets for the resistance effort. The Anurians of G'rrnay began to evolve heightened intellect, learning through trickery and machinations how to avoid slaughter as Vladat livestock. Their intelligence was manifested in their advanced technology. They reverse-engineered the Vladat technology, quickly learning how to produce it themselves. They built vast cities paved in white metals designed to withstand nuclear blasts. With the Proto-Transylians being the most numerous warriors, the G'rrnay began to improve their mechanical parts- making them stronger and more efficient, while improving their immune systems to prevent their bodies from rejecting the augments.

Unfortunately the Vladats built a planet-buster weapon in the late years of the war, they aimed it at Anur Phaetos but hit Anur Transyl instead. The planet was shattered, forcing the retreat of the Transylians- who had acted as the main foot soldiers in the war- and the G'rrnay to help rebuild it before it was too late. During this time the Vladats marched on Anur Millgan and Anur G'rrnay and wiped both planets clean of life. The surviving G'rrnay were unable to repopulate and died out in the decades after the war.

Ben 10: Road Trip

In the episode The Only Good Necroterran, Albedo was sent to Anur G'rrnay to recruit new Time Breakers. During the episode he recruited a number of Ectonurites, but his efforts were thwarted by Ben Tennyson and Sadie. Ben also met Doctor Osiris and Nurse Adria in this episode, who ran a nearby hospital.

Notable Inhabitants


  • Tranyslians
  • Thep Khufans
    • Set
  • Loboans
  • Ectonurites


Notable Visitors


  • The Pyramid-like designs of the housing on Anur Khufos is a cultural homage to the G'rrnay.