Anubian Baskurr
Khyber's Anubian Baskurr.PNG
General Information
Home World Unknown
Body Animalistic
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Smelling
Enhanced Hearing

Anubian Baskurr are Zed's species in Ben 10: Omniverse. They live on the unnamed planet.


Anubian Baskurrs look like a cross between dog and a dinosaur with some feline features (e.g. longer hind legs). They have a blue colored body with black stripes.

Anubian Baskurrs have a dinosaur like skull with a jagged upper jaw, red eyes and pointed ears. They have a small pointed chain of plates protruding from its spine, which extends to form a short tail.

Anubian Baskurrs have three pointed toes on each leg and its hind legs are larger than its fore legs making them agile and fast on feet.

Only female Anubian Baskurrs have been seen.

Biology and Behavior

Anubian Baskurrs can easily be tamed by being loved and cared for.

Anubian Baskurrs are not completely loyal and can be manipulated by anyone who uses a whistle that is at the same frequency as Khyber's gills. This does not last.

Anubian Baskurrs can be tamed by scratching behind their ear. This also does not last.

Powers and Abilities

Anubian Baskurrs are extremely agile.

Anubian Baskurrs have enhanced strength.

Anubian Baskurrs have strong sense of smell and hearing.



Notable Anubian Baskurrs


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