General Information
Species Talpaedan
Home World Ledgerdomain
Powers and Abilities
Abilities *Super Strength
  • Super Digging
  • Earth Tremors
  • Earth Eruption
  • Jackhammer Arms
  • Drill Arms
  • Super Durability
  • Magic
First Appearance Journey to the Galaxy


Born in the Ledgerdomain, he was raised as a student of the Sorcerer Jin, who taught him extensively in the use of physical augmentation magic, as well as in an ancient To'Kustar Martial Art called Uru'Tora'Kosen Although his ability to use offensive magic is limited.

After a series of events that left Ignis alone, he adopted the baby Pyronite as his son. And though he is not his real father, he has vowed to protect his son, no matter what. Even though he knows that, when the time comes, Ignis must stand alone against the coming threat, he spends many a sleepless night contemplating what he will do when that time comes...

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