Anton Reeves
General Information
Species Human
Age Unknown
Residence Unknown
Status Alive
Affiliations R-Corp
US Government
Murphy Industries (formerly)
Xyrions (formerly)
Occupations Business Man
CEO of R-Corp
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Entrepreneurial Skills
Innovation Skills
Negotiation Skills
Manipulation Skills
Technology Expert
First Appearance Test of Might
Voice Actor Clancy Brown

Anton Reeves is a villain in the series, Mutant Drake.


Anton takes the appearance of a middle-aged man with near, black hair and green eyes. He has a goatee as well. He wears a dark purple coat over a white suit with matching pants and black shoes.


Reeves is a calculating person, taking action discreetly and planning carefully. He tends to approach people of interest passively but always finds an angle that benefits himself in the most part, somehow.

Powers and Abilities

Having dormant Nanogenes, Reeves has no special abilities however he is extremely skilled in running a company and various business skills including communication, negoitation and other skills.




Mutant Drake


  • Anton Reeves was originally going to be called Anton Church but was changed as it was believed to be a name used in Arrow. However, after later research, it turned out to not be the case although there was still a villain with 'Church' as his surname.
  • According to Ryder, Reeves has ties to illegal opperations and the death of his parents.
  • During production and in a Fanon Con reveal, he was known as a, or even, the business man.
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