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The Antimatrix or Antitrix for short, was one of the Omnitrixes prototype.


The Antitrix was one of the prototypes of the Omnitrix, but Azmuth saw some glitches in this prototype, so he threw it away. Some alien warmongers wanted the watch, so Azmuth went to Earth to find some one to keep the watch safe. A young fifteen-year old boy called Melvin, found Azmuth and he told Melvin that he waslooking for Ben Tennyson or Max. Melvin then went to Mr. Smoothy's to look for Ben. Ben said to Azmuth "Let Melvin have the watch, I think he would be great at the hero job". Now, the watch belongs to Melvin Mextean.


Like the Omnitrix, the Antitrix has:

  • The Antitrix has a DNA scanner.
  • The Antitrix has the quick change feature.
  • The Antitrix has a Master Cantrol.


Aleins Species When and how it was Unlocked/Obtained
Anti Diamondhead Petrosapien
Anti Big Chill Necrofriggian
Anti Echo Echo Sonorosian
Anti Shocksquatch Gimlinopithecus
Anti NRG Prypiatosian-B
Anti XLR8 Kineceleran
Anti Spy-Rax Spearacrn
Anti Stelltrax Starcontroin
Anti Upgrade Galvanic Mechamorph
Anti Ripjaws Piscciss Volann
Anti Ratso Vermosigon


  • All the aliens in this Omnitrix have Anti in their names.