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POTO Antitrix.png
General Information
Creator Albedo
User Albedo
Type DNA Alterer

The Antitrix is a knock-off alternative to the Omnitrix created by Albedo in Ben 10: Missing Pieces. It is the Timeline 1 equivalent of the canon Antitrix.


The Antitrix had its reboot appearance, but the red "K" was replaced with an "A".


Prior to Missing Pieces

When Albedo managed to escape the Rift (in which he was imprisoned in Good Copy, Bad Copy), he went to Aul-Turrhen. With the help of some Planchaküles, he gathered components to build a new Omnitrix named the Antitrix and loaded it with 11 DNA samples. When he started testing it, his aliens became mutated. However, he was too obsessed with wanting to return to his original form that he ignored the danger.

Missing Pieces

In Up to 11, Albedo came to Galvan Mark II to demand that Azmuth restore his original form. Azmuth refused, saying that he did not trust him. Albedo then became hostile and started destroying some of Azmuth's equipment. Myaxx teleported Ben, Gwen and Kevin to Azmuth's lab as backup. Ben fought Albedo while Gwen and Kevin heard the story of how the Galvans built Galvan Mark II after the Highbreed destroyed the original Galvan Prime. They later interrupted Ben and Albedo's fight to deliver some news. Azmuth explained that he did not have the time or patience to build what was necessary to restore his original form, but he could instead unlock the Galvan sample in the Omnitrix and sync the Antitrix with the Omnitrix so that Albedo would gain access to the sample. Albedo reluctantly agreed and Azmuth did what was necessary. Myaxx was then told to destroy the Antitrix and did so off-screen.



  • The Antitrix was a DNA-altering device, using the mutated alien DNA it contained to transform the user into a monstrous mutant of any of the 11 aliens in the device.
  • The Antitrix had a quick change feature, allowing Albedo to change from alien to alien by thinking it.
  • The Antitrix could sync with the Omnitrix, though any DNA samples within the device would be replaced with the DNA samples stored in the Omnitrix.


  • The Antitrix automatically used the molecules of its wearer's clothes to create coverings for most of the aliens.


  • When the user is transformed, an Antitrix symbol appeared on the chest, with the exceptions being Regurgitator and Visionnaire, whose symbols were on their waists.

Known Aliens


These are the initial 11 aliens loaded into the Antitrix by Albedo and were first used on-screen in Up to 11.

Alien Species
Bashmouth Mutant Unknown
Bioshock Mutant Aerophibian
Gasbag Mutant Unknown
Kludge Mutant Planchaküle
Night Terror Mutant Nemuina
Paperthin Mutant Thep Khufan
Regurgitator Mutant Sphoeroid
Rollerbug Mutant Unknown
Silent Kill Mutant Merlinisapien
Silkspinner Mutant Arachnichimp
Visionnaire Mutant Opticoid


After the Antitrix synced to the Omnitrix, its aliens were replaced with the ones that were unlocked in the Omnitrix at the time.

Alien Species
Antigravitesla Unknown
Grey Matter Galvan
Heavysplitter Ekoplektoid
Lodestar Biosovortian
Plantapocalypse Unknown
Porturtle Unknown
Purebred Highbreed
Rath Appoplexian
Rock Bottom Basalt
Sparkhenge Fulmini
Squidstrictor Cephalod-ae
Thriller Whale Unknown


Missing Pieces


  • Credit to Echoson for the infobox image as well as the image in the gallery.
  • Kludge was the first alien added to the Antitrix, since Albedo built it on Aul-Turrhen.


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