General Information
Species Meggid
Home World Storis
Body Humanoid Ant/Grasshopper
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Acid Manipulation
Acid Immunity
Toxic Rain Generation
Acidic Saliva
Sound Manipulation
Sound Wave Generation
Sonokinetic Flight
Sound Amplification
Powerful Bite
Subterranean Adaptation
Enhanced Leap
Wing Manifestation
Voice Actor Paul Rudd
First Appearance TBA

Anthopper is the Artetrix's DNA sample of a Meggid from the planet Storis in Draconomenal.


Anthopper looks like a combination between an ant and a grasshopper. His body is rose pink, he wears a black sleeveless shirt with white on the middle and on each side of the shirt, the down side of his arms are black, hands with four fingers, a white ant's abdomen as a tail, long legs with four spikes behind them, transparent wings on his back, two fingers on his feet, his head is based on a grasshopper's head, which is rose like the rest of the body, white antennas, his teeth are white, his eyes are purple and the symbol of the Artetrix is on a black collar on his neck.

Transformation Sequence

Ashley's legs turns into the transformation's legs and she jumps high, the wings appear on her back, her shirt turns into the black and white shirt, her arms change, antennas appear on her head, the abdomen tail appears, her head changes and she falls on the ground, ending the transformation.

Powers and Abilities

Anthopper's primary ability is to control acid, he does that by shooting a pink liquid from his mouth that melts anything that it touches and he can also shoot a liquid acid beam.

He's immune to acid.

He can summon a cloud that launches drops of acid, meaning he can generate an acid rain. This acid rain melts anything the drops touch.

Besides shooting acid from his mouth, his saliva is also made of acid.

His secondary ability is to control sound, primarily doing that by shooting a sonic wave from his mouth that can send anything away.

He can use his sonic waves to fly by sending them on the ground that launched him to the air.

He can amplify his sonic waves for they to become more powerful.

He can use his sonic waves to locate objects or others that are far away.

His mouth is pretty strong and when he bites a living thing, they feel enormous pain.

He's able to walk and crawl on walls.

He can adapt on underground environments.

Thanks to his legs, he's able to jump pretty high.

He has wings on his back that enables him to fly.


Anthopper has to watch out when using his acid because he might hurt allies or innocent people, that also applies to his acid rain.

He's vulnerable to electricity and fire.

His vocal cords can hurt if he screams for too long.

He can't crawl on reflexive surfaces, like mirrors.

He can get stuck on liquids that solidify.

He won't be able to fly if his wings are wet or he falls on water.






His name combines ant with hopper from grasshopper


  • He was inspired by the Ari and Kirigirisu Megids from Kamen Rider Saber, who are based on the story The Ant and the Grasshopper.
  • When he talks, he makes grasshopper noises.
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