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Ben 10: Multi Trixes
Season 2, Episode 1
Written by Roads
Directed by Roads
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The Spookiest Finale, Part 3
Ben Vs. Gwen
Ben and Co. track the time traveler that's "dressed in black with a... helmet," according to Vulkanus.


A man sneaks up on Vulkanus in his cave. Vulkanus was counting Taedenite fragments.

(Vulkanus): A hundred n' eight, a hundred n' nine...

(Man): Vulkanus!

(Vulkanus): A hundred n'... Aaahh! Don't do that!

(Man): You still owe me the metal.

(Vulkanus): Yeah. About that, Tennyson stopped me.

(Man, angrily): You let Tennyson stop you?!

(Vulkanus): I couldn't help it. He turned into a Tetramand. I could never stop a Tetramand.

(Man): I could stop an Evolved (It's the official term. Ultimate was used only by Ben.) Vaxsaursian. Now, you still owe me...

(Vulkanus): Yes.

(Man): And the deadline is today...

(Vulkanus, worried): Yes.

(Man): You couldn't pay me...

(Vulkanus, still worried): Yes.

(Man): Do you now what that means?

(Vulkanus, super-worried): No.

(Man): It means you get this!

He shot a purple ball at Vulkanus, vaporizing him!

(Man): Now, where's Tennyson?

Meanwhile, at Mr. Smoothy...

(Ben): Ah, there's nothing like lamb and sardine.

(Gwen): You actually got one of those things again?

(Ben): Why not?

(Kevin): They're super-gross.

(Ben): Only that meatball movie calls sardines super-gross.

(Kevin): I like sardines. Sardines with lamb in a smoothy, however, are super-gross.

(Man, teleporting in): Ben Tennyson!

(Ben): Have we met?

(Man): I'm sure we have met about an eon ago.

(Gwen): Eon!

(Kevin): Eon?

(Ben): You don't know him. He was the first villain the plumbers ever captured.

(Gwen): He had a device called the Hands of Armogeddon. They would destroy the earth.

(Ben): We beat him, though, and I got his DNA sample. In fact, I bet I can get him through... (Transform) The Ultimate Alien! Let's see, this blast is Swampfire, this is Chromastone, Brainstorm, Echo Echo, Spidermonkey, Goop...

(Eon): Gross.

(Ben): ...Lodestar, Upchuck, Waybi... Whoa! That's one powerful beam! Anyway, here's Eon!

He shot a green ball of energy at Eon. This did nothing, though.

(Eon): I am invulnerable to a younger version of myself!

(Ben): But are you vulnerable to all these younger versions of yourself?

He shot a beam made up of all his aliens' powers, except Alien X.

(Ben): Hmm... Maybe if I go X!

He went X and destroyed Eon.

(Eon): I'm over here. That was a robot. You can't stop me.

He teleported away.

(Ben): Well, we'll have to assemble all the Plumbers, and the Plumbers' kids, to stop this guy.

(Kevin): Well, we've already got three.

(Ben): Yes. Ourselves.


---****--- Roads

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