Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 2, Episode 15
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Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Another Story is the 25th episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins at Brandon's house. Brandon is seen watching Alien Hero on TV. His cell phone then rings. Brandon then grabs his TV remote and lowers down the volume of the TV. He grabs his phone and looks at the screen, seeing a picture of Coco with his name underneath as well as an answer and ignore button. Brandon answers the phone and holds it up to his ear.

Brandon: Hey, Coco. What's up?

Coco, over the phone: You busy?

Brandon: Well let's see. I'm finally home for a week before we head off back into the skies so yeah, I'm busy.

Coco: Watching Alien Hero?

Brandon: Seriously, how do you know these things?

Coco: I can hear it in the background.

Brandon: Remind me to use the mute button instead.

Coco: I found a lead on him.

Brandon: Are you sure?

Coco: Absolutely. He's scooping out some warehouses in the warehouse district.

Brandon: Not really his style but then again he's been changing things up lately by going international. I'll get there as soon as I can.

Brandon then hangs up and heads out of his room. The scene then cuts to Coco working on his car on board the Interceptor. He then reels out from under it and wipes his hands with a cloth which was lying on his toolbox.

Coco: Engine Modifications, Success. Now for some me time with my baby.

Coco then heads out of the cargo bay and into the corridors. He then enters the cockpit and sits at the controls in the pilot's chair. He then leans back in the chair.

Coco: Gotta love me time.

An alert then goes through the room. Coco sits back in his chair and gets up. He then goes over to the computer station and attends to the alert. He then sees a security camera footage of a warehouse with a figure breaking down the doors down.

Coco: Out of all the days.

Coco grabs his phone and calls someone up. The phone makes a calling sound until someone picks up.

Brandon, over the phone: Hey, Coco. What's up?

Coco: You busy?

Coco's Car is then seen driving through the warehouse district. He then arrives at the warehouse from the security footage he say.

Coco: First one here? I'm liking these odds already.

Coco absorbs the warehouse doors and gains his steel form. He then enters the warehouse. Meanwhile, Brandon is seen driving in the Mach 10. He drives into the warehouse district. He then finds the warehouse and parks by Coco's Car. He gets out and goes up to the warehouse. Coco is then thrown through one of the damaged doors which causes it to fly off and skid across the ground. Brandon then goes to Coco and helps him up.

Brandon: You alright?

Coco: Yeah, fine.

Brandon, after looking around: Wait... Where's Sarah?

Theme Song

After the titles, now daytime, a building is seen in Bellwood City. Inside, a woman is seen at a coffee table, getting herself a cup. Sarah is seen walking in, approaching her, and the woman notices.

Woman: Oh Miss Tennyson, what brings you back here? I thought you were handling your previous problem.

Sarah: Hi Mrs. Johnson. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. It's been a while since I've talked to you.

Mrs. Johnson: True. But something tells me you're not here just to say hello.

Sarah looks down.

Mrs. Johnson: Well, what interesting tale do you have for me this time?

Sarah, looking up: It's a long story.

Mrs. Johnson: Have a seat. You're lucky I don't have any appointments today and that you're one of my favorite clients.

Sarah: You'd never think someone like me would need a therapist.

Mrs. Johnson: That's why you remind me of a book I once read.

Sarah: Which book was it?

Mrs. Johnson: It doesn't matter. The point is that it was overlooked by others but I decided to move past the cover and read the inside but instead of being disappointed, I was intrigued to have experienced such a story through words.

Sarah: I hope you're not keeping me to yourself, Mrs. Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson: Of course not, Sarah. I'm merely a visitor in a public library.

Sarah: Well, if that were a case, we'd all be books or at least have books about us. Different stories for different people. How things can twist and turn by a few changes in the wording which affects the way we view the story and perhaps the book or the readers or maybe even the author.

Mrs. Johnson: It's nice to see people still think the same as you do. But you have a story, no doubt.

Sarah: Something to get off my chest? Yes. Yes I do.

Mrs. Johnson: How so?

Sarah: It's like what you said about books. Everyone wants to hear the times when Brandon saves the day or how Coco manages to but I'm always in the back lines. The back of the shelf or whatever in this metaphorical library of imagination. Until one day, it... happened. Everything just seemed to shift towards me.

Mrs. Johnson: In what way?

Sarah: I'm not sure entirely but for one thing, today I was the hero.

The scene transitions to the Interceptor flying through the skies. On board, Coco is piloting, Brandon is in the co-pilot chair and Sarah sits at the computer station.

Sarah, narrating: It started on Monday, this week. We just returned from one of our usual adventures.

Sarah: Still can't believe we fought off a giant alien creature in Estonia of all places.

Brandon: I dunno. We fight off giant alien creatures all of the time.

Sarah: Yeah but it's usually it's more popular locations for some reason.

Coco, piloting: I try not to question it. The universe might just explode or something.

Brandon: Right, so, where to now?

Sarah: Shanghai? Barcelona? Camarillo?

Brandon: How about we go somewhere cool instead?

Sarah: What? Like the Juice Shack in France? Or maybe the Juice Shack in Russia? Or maybe even the one in-

Brandon: Okay Okay I get it.

Coco: I was actually thinking of making some repairs.

Brandon: What? In Bellwood?

Coco: I guess.

Sarah: I could use a vacation from this ship.

Coco: What's wrong with my ship?

Sarah: Nothing. It's just-

An alert then goes off from the computer stations.

Brandon: What's that?

Sarah: Local Emergency Alert. Gives an alert to the systems if we're close to any emergencies within the area.

Brandon: Since when did we get that installed?

Coco: Since James was working on the Interceptor with me.

Brandon: Oh right... so, what's going on?

Sarah, reading the screens: Authorities are filing a giant robot in Bellwood.

Brandon: Again? Meh, it's been a while anyways.

Coco: Well we're close by so get ready for a landing.

The Interceptor is then seen approaching Bellwood. In the city, a giant robot is seen knocking down a street lamp and stepping on a car. Some citizens are seen running away from the robot. The Interceptor then lands in front of the robot. The cargo bay door opens and the team runs out.

Brandon: Oh please. Cops call that a giant robot? It's not even the size of Size Man.

Sarah: To be fair, Size Man can manipulate his size.

Coco: Whatever. Can we just go beat up the bad guy.

Robot: Ah. Brandon 10. It's been too long.

Brandon: Whatever you say, "giant" robot. It's a shame that you're a sentient alien robot. I don't know if it's right disassembling you or not sometimes but I still kick your tin cans anyways.

Robot: Oh but I am not an alien robot nor a sentient one. This robot is simply controlled by myself. The user within the machine.

Brandon: Oh! Oh! Let me guess. Let me guess. So, you're someone I know, Been a while but probably not that long, holds a grudge, giant robot, likes to talk a lot. This just means that the user behind the robot is-

Robot User, through Robot: None other than-

The Robot's head disengages which reveals The Creator.

Creator: I, The Creat-

Brandon: Creator. Yeah, I guessed so.

Creator: Oh come now. I can't be that predictable.

Coco: You kind of are, dude.

Brandon: You've been at it for like three or four years. Not constantly, of course but-

Creator: Enough! I refuse to be judged by children. I am the Creator and I will create!

Sarah: So why are you destroying the city?

Creator: It is none of your concern. Such a shame for a lady like yourself to associate with these hooligans.

Sarah: They're my friends.

Creator: Well I don't seem to like your friends so now before I create something new, I'm going to have to destroy you.

The Creator then fires some lasers from his robot suit at the team. Sarah shields them with her energy.

Brandon: Thanks for the save, cos.

Sarah: Reflexes. Besides, you're my cousin. I sort of have to keep you safe.

Brandon: Yeah well I don't need a shield in order to take down the bad guys.

Coco: I dunno. I kind of like not getting shot at for once.

Brandon: You just like staying with Sarah within your own personal energy bubble.

Coco: Yeah but still.

Brandon: Don't worry about me. I've got my heavy hitter.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and scrolls through the holograms and stops at Ro-Warsaur. He smacks down the face plate and undergoes a transformation sequence. He spins around in DNA and curls up due to the changes. His ribs shrink and his hands turn into claws. A rectangular shaped panel then grows upon his back. Brandon's head then becomes larger and more circular as his eyes become larger and more circular as well. Within a flash, Brandon transforms into BrandonBot.

BrandonBot: BRANDONBOT! Aw man...

Creator: Ha! HahahahaHA! You think you can take me on with tiny alien like that?

BrandonBot: I've done it before and I can do it again.

The Creator fires some lasers at BrandonBot who dodges them and runs away however he gets hit and goes flying until he impacts with the street ahead of him.

Sarah: Brandon!

Coco then runs at the Creator's robot. The Creator control his robot into attempting to strike Coco with its arms but Coco jumps over it. He then absorbs the fallen lamp post and gains his metal form but only to be hit by the robot's arm. Coco then flies into a building and impacts with it.

The Creator: Just you and me, little girl.

Sarah: Doesn't really sound like a threat.

Sarah throws her energy discs at the Creator's robot but they don't seem to do as much damage. Sarah then stops after a while.

Sarah: Had enough?

Creator: Enough? That was barely considered a hit.

Coco, unseen: Yeah? Well this is!

The Creator turns his robot to face the voice in which he sees Coco is seen running at the robot. The Creator prepares to fire his lasers once again but Sarah creates a staircase with her energy in which Coco climbs up. He then jumps off the final step and strikes the robot's control dome in which the Creator was in. The robot is then knocked into a building and the dome shatters. The Creator then re-stabilizes the robot.

Creator: You're going to need more than that to take me down.

Coco is seen hanging from the side of the robot by using a pick axe hand to hang on to the edge. BrandonBot then runs over to Coco.

Coco, looking down: How about you lend a hand, Tennyson?

BrandonBot: With technology? Certainly. I'll lend you both my claws.

BrandonBot then extends his claws upwards until Coco grabs them. BrandonBot then reels his hands back but, since Coco is grabbing them, his body reels upwards instead. When BrandonBot reconnects his claws, Coco then throws him up on the ledge above him in which BrandonBot jumps into the control pit of the robot.

Creator: What the-?!

BrandonBot: Technology? I totally got this.

BrandonBot then hacks the controls and the robot shuts down and falls over. BrandonBot transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon: That wasn't too bad. Usually this stuff takes a whole day.

Creator: You think you stopped me? This is only the start of my plans.

The Creator then activates a button on his glove. A droid then flies through the skies and lands close to the Creator. It then collects objects like the lamp post and the car and merges with them to form into a bigger robot. It then destroys the previous robot and collects its scraps. The Creator then gets onto the new robot which then flies off.

Brandon: Okay... I didn't see that coming.

After the break, the Mach 10 is seen driving through Bellwood. Brandon is driving while Sarah is in the passenger seat. Coco isn't present.

Brandon: I seriously can't believe I let the Creator escape.

Sarah: It's okay, Brandon. He isn't exactly the biggest bad guy.

Brandon: He was to me and he could still be. He might have gotten washed up in the Capture Zone but it's been a year already and he managed to mind control a Yeti in the Himalayas. He might just starting to get back on his feet again.

Sarah: I'm not sure. It makes sense but after what happened in Budapest?

Brandon: Yeah I guess you're right.

Sarah: Remind me why you're the one dropping me off.

Brandon: Because Coco's gonna go get his repairs. Besides, I think we're both glad to be back in Bellwood for a while.

Sarah: Yeah but I could have waited for him. Maybe we could have talked and stuff.

Brandon: When you say stuff, you don't mean kissing, right? Because I'm not giving you cousin advice on that.

Sarah: Luckily, I don't need it. It's just that he's being so complicated and rushy lately. But I guess that's just how boys are.

Brandon: Hey, I'm not complicated and rushy. I'm quirky and undemanding. You're the one who wants to be in town more than I do.

Sarah: Because I've got a lot of things to catch up on.

Brandon: What? Like Studying?

Sarah: Yes actually.

Brandon: Okay fine. Closing in on Castle of Books and Boredom aka your house.

Brandon then pulls up in front of Sarah's house.

Sarah, getting out of the car: Thanks for the ride, Brandon.

Brandon: Sure. Just give me a call in case you need anything.

Sarah: Of course.

Brandon: You sure you're going to be okay?

Sarah: Just my typical life in town for a week.

Brandon: Can't imagine that. Well, see ya.

Sarah waves her hand twice as the Mach 10 drives off. Sarah then approaches the door and reaches into her pocket.

Sarah: Uh. And of course, I forget my keys.

Sarah then uses her energy to form a platform underneath her and rises up until she reaches a window. Sarah then extends her hand with her palm facing upwards.

Sarah, chanting: Apertum!

The window then unlocks and opens. She then steps in from her platform which dissipates once she enters the bedroom. Sarah then closes the window behind her and locks it. She then lays on her bed and sighs. She then closes her eyes. An alarm clock is then heard and Sarah opens her eyes weakly. She then wakes up with some bed head. She looks on the table next to her bed and sees her alarm clock which reads 7:00 AM. Sarah then groans and hits the snooze button. She then gets up and heads outside her room. She then enters the bathroom down the short hall. Sarah then brushes her teeth. Afterwards, she exits the bathroom and heads into her room. She opens her closet door which shows off plenty of the same outfit she wears now. Sarah then pulls out her already set up outfit consisting of a white buttoned down shirt with a red shirt over it and grey leggings. She then places it on her bed and goes back to the closet to close the door. Later, she's seen exiting her room, now dressed. Sarah heads downstairs where she passes through the living room to get to the kitchen. A woman with brown hair is seen drinking coffee from a mug at the couch.

Woman, without turning her head: How come you didn't call?

Sarah stops in her steps.

Sarah: Sorry, Mom. It slipped my mind. I was tired and there was a lot of stuff happening.

Sarah's Mom, turning to Sarah: It's okay, darling. I just would like to hear from you if you're stopping by. It's bad enough I hardly hear from you while you're over who knows where.

Sarah: Again, sorry, Mom. I promise to call more often.

Sarah's Mom: Mhm. Don't make promises you can't keep, Sarah. (sips coffee and turns back around)

Sarah then rushes into the kitchen. She opens a cabinet and pulls out some bread. She tosses two slices of bread in a toaster and pushes the lever down. She then goes to the refrigerator and opens the door to pull out some eggs and milk. She places the milk on the counter and reaches into another cabinet to get a bowl. She cracks the eggs in the bowl and mixes them while adding a tiny bit of milk from the carton.

Sarah's Mom, from the living room: Why are you rushing around, dear? I thought you were off from school because of you're traveling assignment.

Sarah, whipping the eggs: Yeah I know, Mom. It's just that if I'm going to be home for a week, I might as well make myself useful.

Sarah's Mom: So back to your old schedule, huh?

Sarah, whipping the eggs: Yep.

Sarah's Mom: Well you have to go in 10 minutes.

Sarah, dropping the whip: 10 MINUTES?!

Sarah's Mom: Mhm. (sips coffee from mug)

Sarah: Do you have any of those instant breakfast packs, Mom?

Sarah's Mom: You told me to throw them away because of the calories.

Sarah: Ugh! I need an instant breakfast.

Sarah retrieves her spell book from from pockets and scrolls through the pages using her energy.

Sarah: Let's see... (chanting) Servire me cibum!

The bowl of eggs and milk float around; preparing themselves.

Sarah: Ah. Now I can relax, eat and head out.

Sarah's Mom: Sarah, can you come here, please?

Sarah: Um sure thing, Mom!

Sarah runs from the kitchen to the living room.

Sarah's Mom: No running in the house.

Sarah: Sorry, Mom. You needed something?

Sarah's Mom: I need you to pick up Sam.

Sarah: Excuse me?

Sarah's Mom: Is there a problem?

Sarah: Yes. He's old enough to get himself here. Also I don't have a car which is something I've been asking for my 16th Birthday.

Sarah's Mom: I'm sure that nice gentlemen you always hang out with wouldn't mind.

Sarah: I'm sure he'll get jealous because Sam's a boy.

Sarah's Mom: But you'll handle it, right?

Sarah: (sighs) Fine. Yes, I will.

Sarah's Mom: Good. Now what's burning in the kitchen? You're going to give me a headache.

Sarah: Burning? (sniffs the air)

Sarah turns to the kitchen and sees a fire.

Sarah: AH!

Sarah runs into the kitchen and sees the eggs being poured from the floating bowl into the toaster. Sarah unplugs the toaster and then turns on the sink. She activates the spray hose and uses it on the toaster which puts out the fire. Sarah then breaths heavily. The toaster then pops out and lands on the counter.

Sarah: I'm going to get us a new toaster.

Sarah's Mom, from the living room: What happened to the one we have now?

Sarah: I sort of drowned.

Sarah's Mom: I'll take care of it. You've got five minutes.

Sarah: AH! I gotta go!

Sarah grabs an apple from the fruit basket and runs outside.

Sarah's Mom: Aren't you forgetting something?

Sarah: Sorry, Mom! (runs to her mom and kisses her on the forehead) Gotta go!

Sarah then runs outside her house and runs down the sidewalk. Later, at a school, Sarah is seen arriving in a hurry. She throws the apple core into a trash bin by the entrance of the school and enters the building.

Teacher, approaching Sarah: Sarah. Thank goodness you're back. Things have been falling apart since you've left.

Sarah: Hey, Mr. Baker. I'm only staying for a week but I'm here in case to make up any work so I won't have to make it up after my traveling assignment.

Mr. Baker: Right Right. Well, you can continue your routine. I actually need some assistance with maintaining the computer labs. Half of the laptops are logged out and the some refuse to update new software.

Sarah: I'll get on it as soon as I can, sir.

Mr. Baker: Thank you. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to attend a forensics class meeting. Hopefully we'll be ending happy. Mr. Baker walks off. Sarah then turns around and sees the students walking around.

Sarah: Right. Here we go.

Sarah walks forwards. She goes through a montage of classes including English, by reading a novel, Trigonometry, by solving math equations, Physics, by taking an exam on motion, Physical Education, by climbing ropes, and Ancient History, by recapping on the Aztecs. After that, Sarah is seen in the school's computer lab and is working on the computers. A girl walks into the room.

Girl: Hey, Sarah. I heard you were back from traveling.

Sarah, looking up from the computer: Beth, hey! It's been so long.

Beth: Yeah. You should totally have texted me more often.

Sarah: I tried but you know how it is with saving the world.

Beth: Yeah, charity is a lot of work but it helps a lot of people. Unless you mean with your famous cousin.

Sarah: Yeah. Both. Both. You still have a thing for Brandon?

Beth: Yeah...

Sarah: Even though he refused to date you.

Beth: What, that that was somehow his fault? Brandon 10 saved my life. And wherever he is, I would just... I would wanna say thank you. And if he would like to go out.

Sarah: You can always visit him at my house, y'know. Besides, he's got a girlfriend already.

Beth: Really? That's a shame. But if it doesn't work, just let me know.

Sarah: Now why would I want to do that.

Beth: We're best friends, Sarah. We gotta watch each other's backs.

Sarah: You're starting to be a bad influence.

Beth: Just like that boyfriend of yours.

Sarah: Stop it. He's great.

Beth: I'm sure he is.

Sarah: What's that supposed to mean?

Beth: I dunno. So how long are you staying for? Unless it's like forever.

Sarah: I'm sure I'll move eventually but I'm only staying for a week until the ship gets repaired or something.

Beth: I should sign up for charity stuff so we can do it together.

Sarah: That sounds like fun, Beth, but I really don't think it's in your league.

Beth: Just like Brandon?

Sarah: (laughing) Leave my cousin out of this. Not everything is about him.

Beth: Not this time apparently. Brandon's in almost every picture you send me.

Sarah: He likes to jump in the back of photos and mess them up... a lot.

Beth: Yeah, well, we should totally hang out before you head out. 

Sarah: Can't. I'm extremely busy.

Beth: On vacation?

Sarah: Technically traveling is an excuse from school but I'm still doing reports and analysis and charity. Since I'm not doing that now, I have normal school.

Beth: You should just fly into space and not come back for a while.

Sarah: Tried that. It was a little weird.

Beth: Suure. Well, how about I stop by your house tonight?

Sarah: Sure. That sounds like it might work.

Beth: Alright. See you there.

Sarah: Bye then.

Beth leaves the computer room. Later, Sarah is seen exiting the school and approaching Coco's Car which is parked in front of the school. Coco is seen sleeping in the drivers seat but with the windshields down. Sarah then reaches in and honks the horn which wakes Coco up.

Coco: Huh what?!

Sarah: It's me, silly.

Coco: Oh hey. What took you so long?

Sarah: I had to do a favor for the principle.

Coco: Figures. You get caught up with school stuff. So... Burger Hut?

Sarah: Can't. I need to pick someone up. I was hoping you can help me with that.

Coco: (sighs) Okay sure. But we're picking up drive thru before we do it.

Sarah: He's sort of been waiting a while.

Coco: But I've been waiting for a while too, Sarah.

Sarah: I know. It's just that-

Coco: Uh... Okay, we can go pick him up first.

Sarah: Oh thanks, Coco.

Sarah gets in the car with Coco as the car drives off. Later, Coco's Car then pulls up to a curb where a teenage boy with brown hair and blue shirt with a cast on his leg and some crutches. The driver side window then lowers down which shows the inside of the car, its driver and its passenger to the boy.

Coco: That him?

Sarah: Yep.

Boy: Sarah? Who's this guy?

Sarah: My boyfriend. Now get in the car, Sam.

Sam: Boyfriend? Seriously?

Sarah: In. Now.

Sam: Fine...

Sam gets in the back seat and Coco drives off.

Sam: Sweet ride, dude.

Coco, driving: You better believe it. Best ride in the universe.

Sam: I dunno, man. I've been working on my own ride recently, well, a while ago, of course.

Coco, driving: Sure, whatever. Remind me why I'm giving him a lift again?

Sarah: Because he's a big baby.

Sam: Am not. It really hurts sometimes.

Sarah: He's also my little brother so-

Coco: Wait. (stopping the car) What?

After the break, Coco's Car is seen driving on the road.

Coco, driving: So this dude's your brother?

Sarah: Yep.

Coco, driving: I didn't really see it.

Sarah: Some people say we're twins. I don't know how you didn't see it.

Coco, driving: I dunno. He doesn't really look like you. He's kind of like a big dork.

Sam, in the back seat: And he's kind of also in the car.

Sarah: Sorry, Sam. Coco's just a bit overprotective.

Coco, driving: I'm not overprotective. He's your brother, I get that. I just don't get why I have to pick him up.

Sarah: It's called a favor, Coco. Sam hurt his leg pretty bad.

Coco, driving: Shouldn't he be in a wheel chair then?

Sam: No. He shouldn't. The doctor said it's gonna heal overtime. He said the muscles are fine and no bones are broken but it's still stiff.

Coco, driving: Fascinating.

Sarah: Can you quit being sarcastic around my brother?

Coco, driving: Who's the one being overprotective now?

Sarah: I'm starting to understand why my dad doesn't really like you that much.

Coco, driving: Alright. I'm sorry. I'm not entirely here right now. I really wanted some time to make some repairs because it's what I do but then I have to deal with the Creator, your family and my car? It's a lot of stuff.

Sarah: I do a lot of stuff too, Coco. But I manage. Just barely but I do. I'm sure if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything you want.

Coco, driving: Really?

Sarah: Of course. How else do you think I do it?

Coco, driving: I dunno. Magic?

Sarah: Well sometimes it doesn't work but-

Coco, driving: I was being sarcastic but, yeah, I don't have magic powers.

Sarah: You don't need them. In fact, you just to set your mind to it and just, you know, do it. Besides, you don't have to deal with my family... yet.

Coco, driving: Based on this kid, I'm looking forwards to it.

Sarah: Ahem. What did I say?

Coco, driving: Sorry. Coco's Car then stops in front of Sarah's house. Sarah gets out and helps Sam out of the car.

Sarah, now at the passenger window: Thanks again, Coco.

Coco: Yeah... sure.

Sarah then stops leaning on the window and turns around as the car drives off. Later, Sam is seen watching TV as Sarah is seen working on a report on the end table.

Sarah: Can you stop flipping through channels? I'm trying to concentrate.

Sam: Maybe you should have said studied somewhere else.

Sarah: I'm too busy to move. (looking at the TV) That girl is so skinny.

Sam: Yeah. I think they stop eating.

Sarah: Why?

Sam: For looking good, I guess.

Sarah: Pffft, that's stupid. Brain power is better than looks... most of the time.

Sam looks at Sarah.

Sarah: Okay some of the time.

There is then some knocking at the door.

Sam: I wonder who that could be.

Sarah opens the door and sees Coco there.

Sarah: Coco?

Coco: It's the Creator.

Sarah: What about him?

Coco: We found him.

Later, Leap Frog is seen facing off against one of the Creator's robots in a park. Leap Frog croaks and then leaps from the ground as lasers fire at his previous position. Leap Frog, in mid-air, opens his mouth and extends his tongue at The Creator's Robot who has its arm extended outwards in order to fire lasers. Leap Frog then pulls off the robot's arm blaster and flings it with his tongue. Leap Frog then kicks the Robot over and touches a landing on the ground. Coco's Car then drives up to the scene. Sarah and Coco then step out of the car and head over to face off against The Creator.

Leap Frog: It's over, Creator. We've beat you before and we'll (croaks) do it again.

The Creator: You always had a team before but now you'll meet my army.

The Creator activates some controls on his glove. Soon, a few robots land from the sky and touch down on the ground; surrounding the team.

The Creator: Behold the latest inventions!

Coco: A robot army? How original.

Sarah: You're getting sarcastic again.

The Creator: Not just any robot army. With this army, I will be able to achieve multiple tasks in my master plan at once.

Leap Frog: We can still take them down.

The Creator: You might be able to take down one of me but let's just see how well you do against 10!

The Creator activates another button on his glove which activates the robots surrounding the team. One of them fires lasers at Leap Frog who performs a similar maneuver that he pulled off earlier however another droid fires lasers at him while he's in mid air which sends him crashing into the ground. Leap Frog looks up and sees another robot who kicks him into some trees. Leap Frog then transforms into Brandon after crashing into some bushes.

Sarah: Brandon!

Coco: He'll be alright. Let's take these robots down!

Coco absorbs the ground and gains his stone form. He forms an axe hand and strikes at one of the robots. Sarah throws her energy discs at the rest. Coco climbs up one of the robots and stabs it in the torso area causing it to power down and fall over. Coco is then shot by multiple lasers from another robot. Sarah notices this and shields Coco with her energy.

Coco, with his form breaking apart: Thanks...

Sarah: Your form is breaking apart. You should go and absorb something.

Coco, getting up: Right.

Coco absorbs the fallen robot and gains his steel form.

Coco, forming a blade arm: Now that's more like it.

Sarah drops her shield and Coco jumps into the laser fire. One of the robots fires at Coco who deflects the lasers back at the robots who fall over. Three robots then approach Sarah. Sarah then uses her energy to send a shock wave into the ground which throws onto the ground. Brandon is then seen moving from the trees and approach the battle. He's holding his head. He looks up and sees the robots attacking.

Brandon: I want to go Ro-Warasaur but the Ultimatrix has been acting up recently. So I'm just gonna let it surprise me.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and looks away.

Brandon: This should be shocking.

Brandon slaps down the face plate and transforms into a New Alien.

New Alien: AMPFIBIAN! (looks at self) Whoa... Must be another second set or something.

AmpFibian then flies upwards and floats above the battle.

AmpFibian: Right... Let's see what this guy can do.

AmpFibian then extends his arms out and drains electricity from near by lamp posts and utility poles. He then fires it at the robots below and creates an electric net which electrocutes all of the robots in the area. The robots then fall over and AmpFibian lands by the team.

Coco: Thanks for saving us something to-

Sarah glares at Coco.

Coco: I mean, for saving us from the robots.

AmpFibian: Yeah but the Creator bailed on us... again.

Sarah: Don't worry, Brandon, we'll catch him. But in the mean time, I have to head home.

AmpFibian: It's Sam again, isn't it?

Coco: You knew about him before me?

AmpFibian: Of course. We're cousins, duh.

Coco: Oh right. I knew that.

AmpFibian transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon: No you didn't. You were surprised and was wondering why you're never the first to know these things.

Coco: How'd you- I mean...

Brandon: I guess this electric guy has telepathy or something.

Sarah: Is that really how you feel, Coco?

Coco: I'm not really sure. I'm complicated.

Brandon: And I'm going to see if the Creator is anywhere close by. If not, I'm going home too.

Brandon runs off.

Brandon, while running off: Tell Sam I said "Hi!"

Sarah: Coco, we can work this out.

Coco: I just feel like I'm not your priority.

Sarah: Coco, even before we were, y'know, I've been thinking about you all of the time.

Coco: You have?

Sarah: Of course I have. You're always my first priority but I have other first priorities too like family and work and I have to make time for everyone.

Coco: Alright. I'm sorry, Sarah.

Sarah: It's okay.

Coco: No I mean it. I've been acting selfish lately and I-

Sarah: Sh.

Sarah kisses Coco.

Sarah: I said it was okay.

Coco: Right. Good thing Brandon's not around. Otherwise, we'll get criticism on our kissing.

Sarah: Yeah. How about that.

Later on, now Wednesday, Another giant robot is seen battling the team in the city.

Brandon: Only one this time? The Creator must really be off his game.

Sarah: Don't underestimate it, Brandon. A robot is still a robot.

Brandon: Does it look like I'm underestimating it?

Brandon turns and waves to his fans who are cheering him on at the side lines. Sarah notices this and performs a face palm.

Sarah: Can we hurry this up? My lunch breaks ends in 15 minutes.

Coco: Don't worry. I got it.

Coco absorbs a lamp post and gains an iron form. He then jumps on someone else's car and slashes at the robot who knocks him into a building.

Brandon, noticing: Huh? Don't worry Coco I'll- (is grabbed by fans) Hey! Watch it! Help!

Sarah: (sighs) Guess I've got this.

Sarah fires energy discs at the robot who isn't as affected by it. The robot then starts firing lasers at her but she blocks it by shielding herself. Coco then smashes through the upper window on the building he was smashed into and lands on the robot's head. The robot attempts to remove Coco but Coco stabbed it in the head with a blade arm. Coco then uses his other arm as a mallet and smashes at the opening. He then rips the metal plate off to reveal the insides however there is no Creator within. Coco then rips apart the circuitry and the robot falls over.

Sarah: Did you get him?

Coco, sliding off of the robot: He wasn't even in there. The big chicken.

Brandon then walks up to them without a jacket.

Brandon: Right. He must be setting something up. Maybe he's in the area. In a building or something.

Coco: In the city? Too noisy.

Sarah: And not enough time to search.

Coco: You really need to learn how to drive.

Sarah: I was supposed to go but apparently plastic figures were attacking the DMV.

Brandon: I feel like you're blaming this on me somehow.

Sarah: I'll search with you guys later. I'm far too busy. And don't forget your jacket. Sarah and Coco get in Coco's Car and drive off.

Brandon: Huh? My jacke- (notices) (to fans) Okay which one of you guys have my jacket?

On the drive, Sarah looks out of her window.

Coco, driving: Something you wanna talk about?

Sarah, turning to him: How'd you know?

Coco, driving: I guess I always do.

Sarah, looking down: I want to help but I can't be everywhere at once. I know I should have done something earlier but maybe I was the one doing something wrong.

Coco, driving: Look if it's about the robots, Brandon and I can handle-

Sarah: It's not about the robots. Coco, we've known each other for about two years. That's not very long but I still pick up on some things. I am sort of smart, y'know.

Coco, driving: Sort of? More like genius. Anyways, I have nothing to hide. You know me.

Sarah: I know. I'm not accusing you of anything, Coco. I'm just- I know that you dropped out.

Coco, driving, nervously: Y-You knew?

Sarah: Yeah. I didn't want to tell you because I wanted to wait till you thought it was a right time.

Coco, driving: Well I'm driving at high speeds to get you to school. I'm not sure if its a good time to be honest.

Sarah: But its never a good time. Not for me ever. I'm always busy and you seem to be the only one who understands it. And because of that, I feel that-that-

Coco, driving: What? That you have to make me busy like you?

Sarah: Yes. Maybe. Yes.

Coco, driving: Sarah, the only reason why I dropped out was because of what happened after my childhood. I got into the wrong bunch and then I bailed when I realized what I was doing was wrong but it was too late for me to go back to school. Everyone thought I was in accident or that I moved so I wanted them to believe what they knew. Now I'm a handsome teenager who isn't recognized anymore.

Sarah: What does your dad think?

Coco, driving: He's giving me the space I need and I respect him for that. I have all that I need right now. I have a place to live, I have to place to work, I have my car, I have my plane, I have, well, you.

Sarah: I understand what you're going through but it's not too late to get your education back. I'm sure I can find something for you.

Coco, driving: You? Sarah Tennyson, the busiest person in Bellwood.

Sarah: Yes, me. I don't care about what else I have to do. I will help you out anyway that I can.

Coco, driving: You really want to sacrifice all that for me?

Sarah: Wouldn't you do the same?

Coco, driving: Yeah... I guess I would.

Coco's Car is then seen driving off. Later, now Friday, Sarah is seen going to Coco's Garage. She looks in and doesn't see anyone.

Sarah: Coco?

She goes up to the Interceptor and enters the cargo bay where Coco is working on his car.

Sarah: There you are. Still making repairs?

Coco: The Interceptor is fully updated at the moment but I'm working on my car now. We can leave tomorrow so I'd say goodbye to your folks and stuff.

Sarah: Thanks.

Coco: Look, Sarah, (crawls out from under the car) (stands and faces Sarah) I know that you're busy and all so I'll cover for you in the investigation.

Sarah: No... It's not necessary. I couldn't do that for you.

Coco: It's only the Creator. It's not like a space warlord or a peace treaty conflict or something.

Sarah: True. Are you sure though?

Coco: Absolutely. Now go before you're late.

Sarah: Thanks. (kisses him on the check)

Sarah then exits the ship. The time then changes to night.

Coco: Out of all the days.

Coco grabs his phone and calls someone up. The phone makes a calling sound until someone picks up.

Brandon, over the phone: Hey, Coco. What's up?

Coco: You busy?

Coco's Car is then seen driving through the warehouse district. He then arrives at the warehouse from the security footage he say.

Coco: First one here? I'm liking these odds already.

Coco absorbs the warehouse doors and gains his steel form. He then enters the warehouse. Meanwhile, Brandon is seen driving in the Mach 10. He drives into the warehouse district. He then finds the warehouse and parks by Coco's Car. He gets out and goes up to the warehouse. Coco is then thrown through one of the damaged doors which causes it to fly off and skid across the ground. Brandon then goes to Coco and helps him up.

Brandon: You alright?

Coco: Yeah, fine.

Brandon, after looking around: Wait... Where's Sarah?

After the break, Sarah's House is seen. Inside Sarah is seen entering the house. She plops on the couch; exhausted.

Sam, walking in: Busy day?

Sarah, lying down: You said it.

Sam, sitting close to Sarah: My leg's feeling better.

Sarah, getting half way up: Tired of faking it?

Sam: No. Brandon fixed it for me.

Sarah: How?

Sam: He had some guy called Heal X who healed up my leg.

Sarah: When did he stop by?

Sam: I dunno. Earlier this week. Cool that he's a super hero, right?

Sarah: Yeah, I suppose. But it's gets kind of underwhelming when you don't make front page.

Man: You want to make front page?

Sarah, noticing: Dad?

Sarah's Dad: Yep. Now here's the thing. You can either make front page as a hero or a criminal. It's easy to break the law and get on the front of a newspaper but its the work and effort that the hero performs that makes them worthy to own that headline.

Sarah: But I work all of the time and I'm still not well known in the paper.

Sarah's Dad: It doesn't matter, at least me, if you're famous or not. I'm just glad that you're out there making the right choices.

Sarah: Thanks, dad.

Sarah's Dad: I'm still not sure about you dating that psychopath, Princess.

Sarah: He's a good boy, dad. That's just your police training kicking in.

Sarah's Dad: Yeah, well, your boyfriend needs to prove himself to me... one day.

Sarah: He has a name, you know.

Sarah's Dad: I know. I just can't bring myself around to use it... Yet.

Sarah's Mom, coming from the kitchen: Mark? Is that you?

Mark/Sarah's Dad: I'm here, honey. Just had a late day at work.

Sarah's Mom: Did you remember to bring it?

Mark: Yes. I remembered. Whitney, remind me why I had to buy another toaster.

Sarah's phone then starts to ring.

Sarah, answering the phone: Hello?

Brandon, over the phone: Sarah, we need you. The Creator, he's- we underestimated him. He was planning something major this whole time. We're at Warehouse 318 and- AH!

Sarah, on the phone: Brandon?!

Sam: That sounded like trouble.

Sarah, putting her phone away: Yeah. I have to go save my friends.

Sam: Can I come?

Sarah: Sorry, little brother but my routine is very tight.

Sam: Maybe you should loosen it up one day.

Sarah: Yeah... Maybe I should.

Later, a cab is seen arriving at Warehouse 318. Sarah gets out of the cab.

Cab Driver: Aren't you forgetting something?

Sarah hands the driver 65 dollars.

Sarah: You might want to work on your cab fare. It's a little too expensive.

Cab Driver: I'm not the one who wanted to drive all the way out here.

The Cab Driver then drives away, leaving her there. Sarah then enters the warehouse through the broken doors carefully. Sarah uses an energy platform to get to a high platform. She walks across a beam and rests there. She looks down and sees Brandon and Coco trapped in metal restraints. The Creator is working on a device as his robot army surrounds the warehouse.

Creator: Now that I have you captured, Brandon 10 and your blockhead friend, here, I will be able to continue with my ultimate plan.

Brandon: Let me guess. To turn everyone into your personal servant? We've been through this like a hundred times.

Creator: Not this time. In order to create a new world, I need to take down the old one. With my robot army, I will be able to take over every major city in the world. And, since they absorb the scrap from anything they destroy, more and more robots will be created. They'll use the extra pieces to become more powerful. I will become unstoppable.

Coco: You won't get away with this. Just wait till I get out of here.

Creator: That's the beauty of my restraints. You'll never be able to reach your Ultimatrix and You'll never be able to absorb anything if you can't move your hands. I've been doing my research over the week.

Brandon: So this whole time, you've been playing us.

Creator: Exactly. And who says I can't be one of the best villains in the universe?

Coco: Us and, like, everyone else.

Creator: Silence! In just a few moments, my command console will be completed and I will rule the world.

Sarah, unseen: Not if I can stop it.

Sarah then uses an energy platform to lower herself onto the ground.

Creator: You're too late, girl! I just need to make a few alterations and the world will be mines.

Sarah: Not unless I stop you and your machines, Creator.

Creator: You? All by yourself against my robot army? You don't stand a chance. (to robots) Robots, Attack!

The Robots engage at Sarah who defends herself with her energy discs. She dodges a punch through a back flip and fires more energy discs. The robots however don't seem to be going down. Sarah stops for breath but looks up to see the robots incoming.

Sarah: My energy isn't working against them as efficiently.

Creator: I studied you too. I noticed that your energy is weakened by technology. What better place to set a trap.

Sarah: There's one thing you shouldn't put in a trap for me, Creator.

Creator: Oh? And what's that?

Sarah: My friends.

Sarah throws an energy disc at the Creator who gets knocked over. Sarah grabs his glove and unlocks the restraints. Brandon and Coco land from the restraining stations.

Brandon: Feels good to stretch again.

Coco: Whatever, man. I just wanna pound something.

Creator: It's matters not. My robots will just activate the program with my voice. (to robots) Robots, Enga-

Sarah twists the Creator's Arm.

Creator: AARGH!

Coco: Well that's one way to do it.

Sarah: Learned it in self defense class yesterday.

Brandon: We still got these incoming robots to deal with.

Sarah: My energy is weakened by technology but I might be able to plan out the attack. Coco, by absorbing their material, it grants you durability and resistance from their lasers. Brandon, instead of trying to smash them into pieces, try a more creative way.

Brandon: Creative, huh? I think I know just the guy.

Brandon activates his Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into Telecraft.

Telecraft: TELECRAFT!

Telecraft then pulls apart the restraints with his mind and creates a small staircase. He then moves it, telepathically, in front of Coco who is already charging at the robots. He climbs the stairs and leaps from the last step. He then grabs onto a robot and absorbs its material. The robot tries to shake him off but Coco chops at its back with an axe hand. Telecraft then goes up to one of the robots and pulls it apart with his mind.

Telecraft: Hm... Let's see what I can think of. (examining the parts) Laser Systems, Metallic Shell, Wiring for Motion, and a Mainframe. Yes. Those parts will do just nicely.

Telecraft then pulls out those parts and the rest fall apart into scrap. He then creates an automatic, laser powered, shell projection device that moves on four claws. The device then fires shell pieces which are being sliced by a laser in its back. The shell pieces then slice through the robots' shell which causes some to fall over. The Creator then gets up and looks at his robots falling apart. He then tries to escape but then bumps into Sarah.

Sarah: You've made my life very complicated over the week.

Creator: Surely we can work something out. I'll hand myself over to the authorities.

Sarah: Not going to happen.

Sarah then roundhouse kicks the Creator in the face. He falls over on the ground; knocked out. Coco then takes out the last robot.

Telecraft: Hey! I was going to take that one out with my um... Automatic Shell Projector.

Coco: Whatever. I could totally use this tech and plug it into the Interceptor's offense program.

Telecraft transforms back into Brandon who touches a landing on the ground. The ASP then falls apart.

Coco: Or not.

Brandon: Whoops. I guess it was powered by thought.

Sarah: I'm just glad that we've managed to finally take down the Creator. I never would have thought it would take a week.

Coco: I guess we needed you more than you thought.

Sarah then smiles. The scene then cuts to Sarah sitting with Mrs. Johnson.

Sarah: And then he was locked up in some space prison.

Mrs. Johnson: Interesting. I'm going for some coffee. Want anything?

Sarah: Tea would be nice. But I might have to go soon.

Mrs. Johnson: It's only been 30 minutes.

Sarah: Tight schedule. You should know me by now.

Mrs. Johnson: Oh I do. That was quite the story so far. Anything else happen after that.

Sarah: Just the basic stuff. I'm supposed to be heading back to the Interceptor right now.

Mrs. Johnson: So why'd you stop by here. Other to say hello.

Sarah: It's like I said, I wanted to get some things off my chest. Have my side of the story told for once.

Mrs. Johnson: Well I'd hate to say it but you don't need a therapist for that. Honestly, the only reason why you're my favorite client is because you have so very little issues. You just think you do because you don't know how to deal with the little ones you have. Talk with your friends. Talk with your family. They'll understand.

Sarah: Thanks, Mrs. Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson: Please call me Gretchen.

Later, Sarah is seen at her house with a suitcase.

Whitney: Leaving so soon?

Sarah: I've got to. Coco's in a rush to take off.

Whitney: He should be. Who wouldn't give it all up to go and see the world?

Sarah: Probably dad. Tell him I said goodbye for me?

Whitney: Of course, dear.

Sam: Come on, sis. You gotta take me.

Sarah: You'll have your chance. Just look after mom and dad while I'm gone, okay?

Sam: Sure thing. You going to be alright?

Sarah opens the door and sees Coco's Car outside with Coco and Brandon inside.

Coco: We're burning daylight.

Brandon: Hey Aunt Whitney! Hey Sam!

Sarah: Heh. Yeah. I'll be just fine.



  • Brandon
  • Coco
  • Sarah (Main Character)
  • Whitney Tennyson (First Appearance)
  • Mark Tennyson (First Appearance)
  • Sam Tennyson (First Appearance)
  • Beth (First Appearance)
  • Gretchen Johnson (First Appearance)
  • Mr. Baker (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


Aliens Used

  • BrandonBot (Accidental Transformation; Selected Alien was Ro-Warasaur)
  • Leap Frog (Off Screen Transformation) (Accidental Transformation; Selected Alien was Ro-Warasaur)
  • AmpFibian (First Appearance)
  • Heal X (Off Screen)
  • Telecraft


  • This is the first episode of Ultimate Hero that focuses on Sarah.
    • However, this is the second episode to revolve around Sarah in Brandon 10; the first being The Magic Within.
  • Gwen's main family make their first debut in Brandon 10.
  • Camarillo is a reference to the town where Ashley Johnson, the voice of Sarah/Gwen Tennyson, grew up in.
  • This episode has the first off screen transformation and transformation that occurred off screen in Ultimate Hero.
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