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Anomaly is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Whexaponier from the planet Notri Prime from the Andromeda Galaxy.


Anomaly has the appearance of a metal sphere with a computer screen on the front. It is divided in six compartments shaped like hexagons, just like his face, which can open to reveal the weaponry inside. The main body is linked electrically to two separate arms and legs. The arms man form is a bland, clawed, laser weapon, but it can also transform in all sorts of laser blasters and guns. His legs have built-in jetpacks to propel himself to the air, but he can fold his feet so his legs can turn into boosters that give him much more speed, power and maneuverability. He has green eyes and mouth, has a green and white top and a black and green bottom, where the Omnitrix symbol is located. He can also communicate by the use of archaic "emojis".

Powers and Abilities

Anomaly has infinite ammo, as long as he stays online, that is, unless Ben is badly harmed. He can shoot grenades from his wrists, tasers from the lower sides of his main body, has machine guns on his upper sides and can shoot small rockets from the top of his head.

He can fly with his legs boosters and can kind of move objects with his claw through electrokinesis, but the objects needs to be a conductor of electricity and he needs to keep eye contact at all times with the object he is moving.


As his limbs are connected just by electricity, anyone with an insulating body or using an insulating equipment can take his limbs and leave him with just his head. In order to attach the limbs back, they have to be on a maximum of 3 meters away from him.

As he is an electric and metal alien, he can get rusty if he stands on water or just in a place full of steam, leaving him immobile.




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