This article is about the Earth-251 version, if you were looking for the canon version, see Anodyne .

Anodyne (Earth-251)
Anodyne BTFFCU
Location Milky Way Galaxy
Interest Lanon City
Notable inhabitants Lauren Genare/Lara




General Zorak

Population Anodites
Movie Energy Revolt (Movie)
Anodyne is an important setting in The BTFF Cinematic Universe film, Energy RevoltAnodyne is a planet inhabitated by Anodites.  It is supported by the " life energy " or mana

Notable Inhabitants




Name of the Month Earth Counterpart Origin of the Name Days in the Month
Neiro January The Portugeese translation of January is Janeiro. Take away the first two letters and Neiro is your result. 29
Ouma February The French translation of Love, since Valentine's Day, is amour. Reverse the letters and remove the last letter. Ouma is the new title.


S'temps March This is the first month of spring. The french translation of spring is Printemps. Fuse that with spring and S'temps is the outcome. 36
Tawamag April  The Flipino translation of Joke (Fools Day) is Magtawa. Rearrange the letters to form the new word of Tawamag. 19
Yakirono May Randomized word. 28
Julioten June Randomized word. 33
Crumpoqu July Randomized word. 25
Futow August Randomized word. 31
Movutt September Randomized word. 42
Ghaste October The word ghost a little mixed up. 13
Pentos November Randomized word. 27
Prolsent December Randomized word. 45

Special Credit

This image used for Anodyne was created by the brilliant dA user Prowlzerz. I give full credit of the picture to Prowelzerz. Thanks for making a great picture.

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