General Information
Home World Anodyne
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Mana Manipulation
Energy Detection
Mana Absorption

Anodites are in Earth-126. They live on the planet Anodyne.


Anodites are human-like beings made of pure energy. They come in various colors, some more rare than others.

The color of which you are has great meaning and can say a lot about their goals and personalities.


Powers and Abilities

Being made of pure energy grants them many associated powers, such as being able to detect energy.



They tend to be a bit isolated from the rest of the universe, but they do love to explore the vastness of it.

They love to share their knowledge and teachings with those who have the spark for it.

They supply energy to the universe with a rare crystal of supposedly unlimited energy,

Notable Anodites

Notable Evolved Anodites

Notable Anodites Hybrids

Notable Anodites Fusions


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