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Anodite Carly.png
General Information
Home World Anodyne
Body Energy Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Mana Manipulation
Energy Physiology

Anodites are one of the many races of power in the universe. They specialise in mana and its uses, and in this field they have no contest. By most accounts they are even made of the stuff.

Anodites are, as with most of the truly impressive species, reclusive. They rarely stray from their homeworld of Anodyne. Strangely they also seem to stay away from Ledgerdomain and the other planes of magic.

An ability seldom known about is their chameleon reproduction. They can mate with almost any organic race to produce viable offspring of the non-Anodite race. The offspring then retain the spark of the Anodite race hidden in their genetics. Somewhere down the bloodline, this spark will ignite and the child will find themselves able to shed their organic shell to become an Anodite. One individual seems to have conquered this spark and is able to suppress it to retain their Anodite form, switching between their organic shell and Anodite avatar at will.

Known Anodites

Evolved Anodites

Anodite Hybrids/Fusions