Anodeus 1
General Information
Species Anodeity
Home World Altor Dominus
DNA source Roccelt Rease
Body Humanoid
Ultimate Form N/A
Omni-Enhanced Form N/A
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Spectral Mana
DNA Cloaking
Voice Actor Any Volunteers?

Anodeus is the Creatorix's DNA sample of an Anodeity from the planet Altor Dominus in Get Animated.


An energy being that comes in a variety of colors. The main colors for Helene are pink hues, but if it was Emilia it be red hues.

Transformation Sequence

A swirl of mana and cosmic energy swirl around from the hand with Creatorix to the rest of the body. The skin glows and becomes pink and the hair blobs up and glows as pure energy.

The clothes become more whimsical in appearance, almost like that of a Ledgerdomainian, the Creatorix appears on a belt with Helene's signature Hairclip ever-present in the hair.

When it is over, you will either stay in true form or be cloaked in the planet's natives DNA.

Powers and Abilities

Spectral Mana. Like regular mana but more complex with other uses and functions.

DNA Cloaking, a natural ability that lets them blend in with the local populace no matter what, unless it is an energy being.

Shapeshifting, sort of self-explained but it ties in with DNA Cloaking and is a way of controlling it but it is more tiring to do it. If there is more than one native on a planet then it works to switch between one local to another.


They can become Celestialsapiens over time if powers are misused in some way or form. It is cosmic punishment and it is a law for them.

When in another aliens DNA cloak they have all or most of its strength but also all of their weaknesses as well.


Little is known about them, even to this day. The last one will tell little of himself or his people.


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The Words Anode which has something to do with a battery and energy and Deus which refers to a god and godlike for name and definition and are combined to form the Name Anodeus


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