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Teresa...I have no idea why you’re so willing to forgive me, but...I’m not going to betray that trust.

–Anne, Happy X Birthday

Anne Christensen
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Alias Anne
Personality Type INFJ-T (Advocate)
Friends Claire Smith (Formerly)
Teresa Challice
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Age 18
Height 176cm (5'9")
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Equipment SBA-C BootLock
First Appearance New X World
Last Appearance TBA

Annabelle "Anne" Christensen is a character from the series Tech Cross.


Pre-Series (2002-2019)

Anne was born on May 9th, 2002, and grew up in a very religious LDS family, attending church every Sunday throughout her childhood. Starting at the age of 8, she was regularly sexually abused by her ward's bishop, Joshua Messias, which lasted up until he moved away in the summer of 2017. Due to the culture surrounding her religious community, the abuse was covered up and never reported to the police, with most of the ward looking down on her for "instigating" it in the first place.

Anne's only consistent friend during this period was a girl her age named Claire Smith, who saw her treatment as unfair and wanted to help her stay loyal to the faith. Their personalities tended to clash at times, but Anne was largely willing to overlook it.

In the fall of 2019, Teresa Challice began attending the same high school as her and at some point publicly came out as lesbian. Claire, a wholesale believer in their church's homophobic beliefs, began bullying and harassing her, and despite her own misgivings, Anne eventually followed suit, physically and verbally abusing Teresa throughout the school year.

In-Series (2020-?)

After she and Claire were saved by Teresa during an Evolvyrn attack at a downtown mall after the last day of school, Anne found herself unable to maintain her internal justifications for being so cruel to her. This ultimately culminated in an explosive argument with Claire that ended up severing their long-standing friendship. When approached by Teresa afterwards, Anne admitted to having mixed feelings on the situation and advised Teresa to avoid getting involved with her.

Over the next few weeks, Anne's already-shaky religious foundation began to erode as she questioned the morality of what she had done and what had been done to her. She became relatively reclusive, only deciding to re-enter the world after local news outlets broke the story of Teresa's capture and torture by Malincious Crow. Realizing that she may not exactly have forever to make things right, she decided to face the music and speak with Teresa ASAP.

Upon visiting her, Anne discovered Teresa's use of the CrossTrix and learned that she had attempted suicide after being subjected to Anne and Claire's constant abuse over the past year. Horrified by the true extent of the situation, Anne offered that Teresa beat her until she felt satisfied, a proposal Teresa recoiled at and outright refused.

Their conversation was interrupted by Oberon OS, who had hijacked the corpses of the city in order to draw Teresa out. Anne tried to stop Teresa from going and pleaded for her to survive as she faced the undead hordes. The situation was eventually resolved thanks to the assistance of other matrix users, and both Anne and Teresa were safely able to return home.

After this incident, Anne started seeing Teresa more regularly, doing her best to turn around and become a positive influence in her life, to the point where the two spent the better part of Teresa's birthday together and she became a regular part of her training sessions.

At some point during this period, Anne became confident enough in Teresa to tell her about her sexual abuse.

In late July, Joshua Messias re-emerged for unknown reasons, encountering Anne, Teresa, and Claire in a secluded area and attempting to commit sexual assault. Anne's attempts to fight back were made futile by Messias's newly cybernetic body, resulting in her being kicked to the ground with a force that shattered several of her ribs. Initially incapacitated, the sight of Messias attempting to beat Teresa to death against a nearby tree filled her with enough determination to move, allowing her to grab a BootLock Messias had unknowingly dropped during the fight and use it to transform into the Silver Break Evolvyrn. Together, she and Teresa eventually managed to destroy Messias's robotic body, albeit with some difficulty.

For a few days afterward, Anne attempted to get in contact with Teresa and make sure she was doing okay, but Teresa, blaming herself for the incident going as far as it did, went into self-isolation, believing that Anne would be better off without her. Spending most of her time in Liberty Park hoping for a chance to see her, Anne eventually caught sight of Ferrarachnid, and, assuming it was Teresa, went to greet her. To her surprise, the alien reverted into a fusion of Nova Eldridge and Teresa named Technova X, and she was pulled aside by Theodore Logical, who explained the situation to her and noted that Teresa had been attacked by Messias in an attempt to lure Anne out.

Mortified at having put Teresa in danger, Anne was further shaken as Technova X eventually unfused and Teresa and Nova kissed, having fallen in love almost immediately due to the nature of their fusion. Anne left the park in a daze, and a few days later, approached Dr. Krauze for advice. She admitted that seeing Teresa and Nova together hurt and expressed frustration at not being able to figure out why. Her discussion with Krauze was interrupted by Theo, who had been investigating the Evolvyrns and noted a correlation between them and the transformations he and other matrix users had access to.

The day after, Anne found herself alone at Liberty Park once again, still contemplating her mess of emotions. Unexpectedly, she was approached by Technova X, who sat down to talk with her. Technova X noted that she wouldn't be around for much longer thanks to Theo and Nova eventually needing to return to the future, and asked Anne to help support Teresa after she was gone. Anne responded by noting that she wanted to be there for Teresa but didn't know how, a problem Technova X ultimately had no solution to. After Technova X left, Anne ended up spotting Theo in the park, and remembering the correlation with the Evolvyrns he had pointed out earlier, asked him to help her become more proficient with Silver Break. He agreed and used his own version of the species, Golden Divide, to help her develop a unique series of techniques.

Several hours into their training, Theo received a text from Technova X stating that she had found and engaged Malincious Crow with Christine Eldridge. He and Anne quickly made their way to the scene, arriving just in time to rescue Teresa from Crow and heal up Christine and Nova, who had both suffered severe injuries. Teresa broke down crying in Anne's arms, repeatedly apologizing through tears for her self-perceived uselessness. Anne rebuffed the idea, and while telling her how much she meant to her, realized that she had developed romantic feelings for Teresa. She helped her transform, and together, the two of them executed a plan formed by Dullacannon that allowed them to take down Crow's Evolvyrn transformation and destroy the corresponding BootLock for good.


Anne is generally a reserved yet headstrong individual with no qualms about speaking her mind; her main problem is trying to figure out what exactly it is that her mind wants to say. Years of religious abuse and indoctrination have left her feeling unsteady in life, and she often dedicates time to sorting through her thoughts and trying to process her emotions in hopes of getting a solid grip on them.

Even so, her passion is able to shine through the haze of her mind in certain areas, allowing her to follow concrete ideas and emotions; after making amends with Teresa, Anne ends up becoming intensely protective of her, going to extensive lengths to take care of her and keep her safe.


As a human, Anne has no unique abilities.

As Silver Break, Anne has the ability to channel energy through her body that shatters anything it comes in contact with. When used carefully, the temporary vacuum she creates when "shattering" air can be used to create high-force winds, which she uses alongside her usual shattering powers in a series of techniques she's dubbed as 'Silver Break: Cyclone Style'.


Keyless BootLock Model SBA-C

A unique BootLock originally commissioned by Joshua Messias from the underground criminal arms group known as the Triumvirate. After falling out of his suit coat while fighting Anne, the lock was picked up and used by her to defend Teresa, eventually becoming Anne's personal transformation matrix.

Allowing the user to transform into the Evolvyrn Silver Break, the SBA-C is notable for not requiring a key to operate, instead being activated by pulling up on the lock's handle. Despite this, it still has a standard DNA Key slot in the bottom of the mold; the significance of this, if any, is unknown.



  • Anne dislikes being called by her full first name due to its consistent use by Messias.
  • The BootLock model name "SBA-C" is an acronym standing for "Silver Break Alternative-Custom".
  • Anne is often shown alongside the presence of wind, foreshadowing her eventual development of Silver Break's Cyclone Style.