Annabeth, Astral
Anne 10.png
General Information
Species human
Home World Earth
Residence Celestial Cove
Age 15
Affiliations Anne's team
Occupations Hero
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Omnitrix
Relatives John - dad
Joe - step-dad
Aliases Honey - John
Anne - Jen and Travis
Voice Actor Tara Strong

Anne is the main character in Anne 10. She first appeared in The Beginning of Everything. She is a Human from Earth.


Anne has fluffy light brown hair and peach-colored skin. Anne's eyes are a bright fuchsia and she wears a light red tank top with white stars and pink shorts with red shoes.


Anne has a bright bubbly personality but she has some issues with being completely alone. Anne can be a bit mischievous but that only happens when someone ticked her off. Anne also has some body issues due to her weight.

Powers and Abilities

Anne can use her Omnitrix to turn into different alien species and she has a good kick.


Anne can be easily tricked and she isn't the strongest while in her human form. Anne also has a deep fear of water.


When Anne was born her parents divorced and they made an agreement to let pass Anne over to each other every five years and for five years after that agreement Anne lived with her dad but Anne had to move in with her mom in the city for five years. After those five years Anne was sent to live with her dad but during those five years in the city, Anne has made some close bonds so she was a bit depressed during her first day back at celestial cove but that changed when Anne followed a shooting star that crashed into the forest near her house. In the star was the Omnitrix an alien device that could change Anne into several different alien species. Now Anne has to learn how to be a hero along with her friends Jen and Travis.


Family: John, Joe, Anne's mom.

Friends: Jen, Travis, Stella.

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