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Anna wears a purple and red shirt, with a cat that has sleek ears pointing finer as a feather. She wears a black skirt and long purple socks on red shoes nearly matching her odd orange pupiled eyes. She has known Cassie since childhood.


She is generally smart, great, and observant as she usually finishes the sentence Cassie is saying. Their friendship is so tight that everyone mistakes them as sisters when they are not. Anna can sense whenever somebody is feeling down and able to hear thoughts from Cassie's nonspeaking Aliens.

Anna has been shown to be very observant when it comes to Cassie's watch switching into another alien somehow and knows how to change aliens, but she won't tell her friend. She reads books under tree's or in a vehicle. She's really good friends with Cassie.

Cassie 12: Omniverse[]

Anna somehow got into something that gave her temporary powers that are gone completely in Outta control Ghost Crab! when she is protecting Cassie Benny from another big alien trying to get Ghost Scorpion from Cassie's watch. She is still a very good friend of Cassie's.

In  Read it or weep it it is revealed Anna has an iPod and has some psychic abilities herself that are naturally in her family tree. Some songs such as Tick Tock, 21, Never getting back together are in her Ipod witnessed at the end of the episode. She is also revealed to get motion sickness easily..

In Screwhedgican Anna went to her grandparents for her summer vacation.


Cassie 12: Original Series[]

All Episodes.

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