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The Animotrix is a watch device in Simba the Animal Ranger that is currently used by Simba to transform into any animals he likes to use.



The Animotrix resembles a wristwatch. Its faceplate is round and the color scheme is grey. the face of the dial is black and green.


  • The Animotrix mainly allowed for the user to transform into a numerous variety of animals that are each with their own unique abilities (along with their weaknesses) and in a selection of animal DNA that is in groups of 10.
  • The Animotrix can alter its size to fit the user's wrist.
  • The Animotrix had a built-in energy feedback blast to defend against anyone trying to force it off of its owner.
  • The Animotrix can show a database image of all animals unlocked.
  • The Animotrix is waterproof.
  • The Animotrix granted the user full understanding of all animal's skills upon transforming into them.
  • The Animortrix can identity you to make sure you are the right user.


Active Mode is the Animotrix's default mode. In order for the user to transform into any kind of animal, They have to press the Animotrix's dial then immediately do a small dance/improv of the animal they want to be. If successful, the user's body will glow which instantly transforms them into an animal. In order to cancel the transformation, the user must press the Animotrix's

The time-limit of the user in their animal's form is depending on how much the animal weighs.

Recharge Mode: When the Animotrix times out, it goes into Recharge Mode. It takes around 5 minutes to recharge, though it may take more time if tampered with. Recharge Mode's main purpose is to prevent the animal DNA from attaching permanently to its host.

If the user is knocked out or hurt enough, the Animotrix will revert them to their normal form.

Scan Mode: When Simba encounters a new animal that he doesn't have in his Animotrix, he can press a button that makes the Animotrix pop out and shoot out a yellow ray. The DNA of the new animal is sent to a database.

Animo-Kix Function

The Animotrix had the ability to gives animals armor, granting them protection from being inflicted on an object, individual or vehicle by direct contact weapons or projectiles, usually during combat, or from damage caused by a potentially dangerous environment.

In order for the user to uses this feature, they must press the Animortrix's dial twice then do the dance/improv to the animal they want to become. It will cause the animals to have armors upon fully transformed.


If the user of the Animotrix is too fast or mess up at their dance/improv then the transformation won't be fully completed resulting in the user being temporarily a hybrid of a human and an animal instead.

That Malfunction isn't so bad because their body will have a useful body part of the animal they were supposed to become, For example, If you went too fast at your dance/improv to become a crab then your right or left arm will become a crab arm.

This Malfunction is only useful when you are in a really bad situation where you have no time to fully do the dance.



  • The Animotrix is powered by a special self-renewable power supply that will long outlive Simba.
  • The Animotrix cannot contain aliens but however, it can have Mythical creatures that belongs to earth. 
  • For unknown reasons, the Animortrix can transform the user into any kind of food (Only Fruit and Vegetables).