Animosian is a combination of an anodite, an Osmosian, and the Ultimatrix. He is the most powerful villain in Finn 10: Fusion. He was originally just an Osmosian, but absorbed a sample of Ultimatrix power and Gwen.

Anodite Form

He can now use his hair as whips and absorb artifacts.

Animosian 2

Animosian 1

Osmosian Form

Animosian 11

Animosian 2

He is half Ultimate Kevin, half Ultimate Devlin. He can also absorb substances, energy, and anything else.

Ultimatrix Form

Animosian 3

Animosian 3

He is the plain Ultimatrix. He can turn into any alien Ben turned into and also has ultimate forms for all the aliens. He can turn into ultimate forms of some of his favorite aliens. like,lets say big chill,humongusoaur,swampfire,echo echo,and last,but DEFINETLY not least(im speaking for 10-year old ben here)CANNONBOLT! Theres also new aliens like NRG(said like energy)armidrillo,amphibian,waterhazerd,and terraspin. welcome back classic aliens

Ultimate Animosian

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