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General Information
Species Animania
Home World Beastarrax
Body beast
Powers and Abilities
Abilities agility
high smelling capacity
enhanced hearing
ability to see in the dark
morphing into animals
First Appearance unknown

Animorph is a DNA sample of an Animania from Beastarrax.He is confirmed to appear in the series Weird William.


His appearance is similar to a siamese cat.He has a golden body with four claws in his hands and three in his feet.He has black streaks on different parts of his body and also has a long tail.

Powers and Abilities[]

Animorph is highly agile and has some flexibility.His shap claws can tear the opponent to shreds.He has the ability to smell far distances and can see in the dark.He has high hearing capacity.His main power is to transform into animals.Due to this ability,he has the ability of that animal,and also can adapt to the climatic conditions.All the animals that he turn into have his same dex color, that is, golden(with black parts).


Since he is cat-like,he is often distracted by rats and becomes hungry in important missions.


  • Animorph resembles a siamese cat.
  • Although he resembles a cat,he doesn't seem to have fur and whiskers.
  • His ability to transform into any beast is similar to Beast Boy from DC comics,and also both characters retain their colors even after transformation.