Animals Unleashed is a movie for Former Untold. The second part is Animals Unleashed: Part 2.
Animals Unleashed

The opening title


Former is talking with Azmuth about Aliomixed. Azmuth says he obtained a DNA sample of him. Former asks to see it, and when Azmuth shows it, some juice sprays on the Supertrix. Former gets sucked inside of it. Azmuth whistles and walks away. Inside of it, he sees his present aliens. He learns from them and gets animal skills. He uses Dinatyra's skills to break out, but when he is out, Vilgax, Remrof, and Portalbot start to attack him.


  • Azmuth: Yeah. I got a DNA sample.
  • Former: Can I see it?
  • Azmuth: Here it is.
  • -Azmuth opens pod-
  • -juice squirts on the Supertrix-
  • Former: Yuck! Mixed juice!

  • Former: I appreciate all your help, but I need to get out of here.
  • Dinatyra: Use the dinosaurce.
  • Former: What?
  • Dinatyra: The source of dinosaurs.
  • Former: I still don't get it.

  • Lijare: You need to be very stealthy, like me.
  • -Rilladillo tags Lijare-
  • Rilladillo: Tag! You're it!
  • -Rilladillo rolls away-
  • Lijare: Did I say stealthy? I meant healthy.

  • Hornwarner: I have frog feet. That's cool, being like a frog.
  • Krooketile: Yeah, well, I have a frog tongue. Plus, my tail is like my tongue. Beat that!
  • Rilladillo: I have a cool ball.
  • Birdrill: I can drill to the center of the Supertrix.
  • Allef Ant: I can, ummm-
  • -Allef Ant farts-
  • Allef Ant: Fart!
  • Mousequito: I can burp!
  • -Mousequito burps loud-
  • Former: Ewww, you need to change your diet!

  • -Former gets out of Supertrix-
  • Former: I'm out!
  • -Vilgax, Remrof, Portalbot, and Aliomixed show up-
  • Aliomixed: But we're in!
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