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Animal Fiesta
General Information
Original broadcast July 27, 2020
Season 1
Episode number 4
Overall episode number 04
Written by Felipexbox4
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Animal Fiesta is the fourth episode of Draconomenal.


Mutant animals are suddenly appearing and Jay and his group need to defeat them before they start causing chaos, but these animals appear to be controlled by someone who has a grudge on someone.


[The scene begins in what appears to be a lab, but it’s dark inside and the only thing that is seen is several tubes that contain liquid alongside small animals floating inside of them. While it shows the lab while zooming to the tubes with the animals, a blue light appears and it zooms to a man with shoulder-length white hair wearing lab coat, brown pants and black gloves and boots is working in something, then it zooms to his face, revealing that his body has a pale green skin, he’s wearing a dark green sleeveless shirt and black protective glasses, then it zooms to where the light is coming from, what appears to be a grey helmet with black circles, two headphones on each side of the helmet and the man is putting two antennas with red on top of them.

Man: They all think I’m crazy? I’ll show them who’s the crazy one!! After many days, no, years, it’s finally done! – He laughs manically while holding the complete helmet and turns to the tubes with animals – Now, shall we begin the experiment? – He smiles and takes off the glasses, revealing he has brown eyes and he presses a button, making red electricity appear on the tubes while he laughs. Meanwhile with Jay and Kira, who are playing BlazBlue Central Fiction on Kira’s house, with both concentrated and both are wearing new outfits, Jay is wearing a white shirt with three black Vs on the shirt and sleeves, black pants and shoes, black glasses and Kira is wearing a light brown vest sweater, grey skirt, brown shoes and light blue glasses. It appears that Kira won the fight while Jay falls on the ground.

Jay: Curse you Kira Reeves and Naoto Kurogane!

Kira: Oh I’m sorry, was Naoto better then Terumi? – She smirks with Jay getting up.

Jay: Don’t you dare talk shit about Yuuki Terumi! If this wasn’t a match, Naoto would be dead!

Kira: Forgive me, it wasn’t my intention to talk shit about Yuki – She smirks while Jay’s eye is twitching.

Jay: Well at least Terumi isn’t just a copy of Ragna – He smirks.

Kira: Oh is that how you wanna play Taylor? You think talking shit about Naoto f*cking Kurogane is gonna effect me?! Well, how about another match?

Jay: Oh it’s on! – The two began another match and after some time, Jay defeats Kira, who’s in shocked after that – I guess Naoto isn’t that good anymore – Suddenly, Kira jumps on Jay and they roll on the ground while Kira punches Jay on the face.

Kira: You wouldn’t hit a girl, would you? – She smirks.

Jay: Luckily I believe in true gender equality! – Jay punches Kira on the face and they roll again on the floor – Wait, why are we fighting again?

Kira: Because I lost a match against you!

Jay: ….You wanna play another match?

Kira: Yes, but I will win against Yuki.

Jay: Oh you daughter of a – Jay punches her again and Kira punches him again. Blake, who is wearing an orange shirt with red on the bottom, black jacket and pants and white with orange shoes enters Kira’s home.

Blake: Hey guys you…. What the hell are you two doing? – He sees Jay and Kira with their fists on each other’s faces.

Kira: We were playing BlazBlue and when I lost a match, I lost my cool and attacked him, sorry.

Jay: No, it’s okay, even I sometimes get angry when I lose a fighting game match.

Kira: Soo we’re cool?

Jay: Yeah, we’re cool – They take their fists from each other’s faces – Soo you want something?

Blake: …. Anyway, yes I was about to tell you guys something. There’s a giant frog outside.

Kira: A what?

Blake: A. Giant. Frog. Outside.

Jay: Are you sure?

Blake: Just come see this -The three exit the house and look at the street almost destroyed.

Kira: Did Godzilla passed here? – She looks to her right side and her eyes widened, seeing a giant dark green frog with two horns and orange lumps on its body – What in the Lovecraftian hell is that?!

Jay: I didn’t know that frogs could become big.

Blake: Maybe it was a Dada!

Kira: Probably not, the dude’s weapon can only shrink things.

Jay: Well whatever it is that did that, I’m gonna kick its ass! – They run towards the giant frog.

Kira: Hey you ugly son of a b*tch! – The frog turns to them, revealing it has four red eyes with black pupils and a light green neck – Alright Jay, it’s your turn – Jay nods and presses the button of his watch, the core pops up and he starts to dial it, stopping on Dracozzard’s hologram.

Jay: Listen here watch, if you give me something that isn’t Dracozzard, I am gonna do something VERY illegal – He slams the watch and he glows in cyan.

[In a blue background, Jay sees a black portal appear and an ice Japanese dragon comes from it, then it enters Jay’s body, glowing again in cyan light. The dragon, who is glowing in white, wraps around Jay in a white light and he appears as Dracozzard, but his body and wings are colored in black, his torso grey, he doesn’t have the Dracotrix symbol, his eyes are black and his shorts are white. Then the Dracotrix symbol materializes on the middle of his chest, his eyes glow in blue and blue lightning appears from the bottom of his body and goes up, making the colors appear on his body and shorts. He swings his arms to his side, with his left arm up and his right arm down and the transformation is complete].

After that, Dracozzard punches the frog, who is sent away and he looks at himself, smilling.

Dracozzard: Honestly I could have turned into anyone, but brute force is sometimes needed. Alright, let’s dance Froggit!He flies towards the giant frog and punches it again, when he was about to punch it again, the frog open its mouth and its tongue grabs Dracozzard, slamming him on the ground, then it jumps and crashes on the floor, slamming Dracozzard again.

Kira: This frog really likes to jump.

Blake: What did you expected, it’s a damn frog.

Dracozzard: This might hurt!Dracozzard bites the frog’s tongue, making the animal feel pain and releasing the dragon Alien. Dracozzard flies up and shoots an ice beam at the frog’s right front foot, freezing it and the frog tries to catch him again with its tongue, but Dracozzard punches it away and shoots another ice beam at the other feet How did you like that you damn frog?Suddenly, the frog shoots a fire ball at Dracozzard, who shoots an ice beam to protect himself, but it doesn’t work, with the ice beam melting and he’s hit by fireball, crashing on the ground. He gets up and notices another fireball incoming, he dodges and sees the fireball coming towards Kira and Blake, he rushes towards them and pushes them, getting hit by the fireball again. Kira and Blake go to the fallen dragon.

Kira: Wow Jay, are you okay?

Dracozzard: I got hit, by a f*cking fireballHe gets up and the watch’s symbol starts to flash in red I’ll end this quicklyHe shoots a powerful ice beam at the frog, who is completely frozen and Dracozzard hardly breaths because he used too much power into the ice beam Goddamn, I need to breathHe glows in red and turns back to Jay, still trying to breath.

Blake: Congrants man, I guess.

Jay: What do you mean by that?

Blake: Dude you got hit by a fireball, twice, how are you still alive?

Jay: I have no idea – They hear cracking noises and look at the ice on the frog breaking – Don’t you dare break, I can’t even transform and if it breaks, we’re screwed! – The ice breaks and it reveals the frog, but small and normal, without the horns and just two eyes. The frog jumps away while the trio look at each other confused.

Kira: What just happened?

Jay: Honestly I don’t know, that frog just went from big to small out of nowhere. Now the question is why.

Blake: I have a feeling it was mutated into that.

Kira: Like what, the Ooze fall on the frog and it turned giant?

Jay: We need to find what the hell happened, guess the best place is the internet – They enter Kira’s home and meanwhile, the frog arrives at the lab and it jumps to the man, who is without his lab coat and he pets the frog with his left hand before putting it back to the tube.

Man: Oh my little friend, you did a good work causing chaos, but now it’s time for business. Now, who wants to volunteer for the next experiment? – No response and he smiles, looking at a cockatiel on a tube – My little friend, it’s your turn, I’ll show them I deserved that award! – Back to the trio, Blake is researching about mutant animals on Kira’s PC and founds about someone named Aloysius Animo, with a picture showing a man with brown hair with a ponytail, white skin and brown eyes.

Blake: Soo according to this, a guy named Aloysius Animo was a promising researcher in veterinary Science, but apparently they discovered that the dude was making twisted genetic experiments with animals.

Kira: Wow and I thought Baxter Stockman was a mad scientist. Does it say more stuff about him?

Blake: Well it says here that he was supposed to gain some award, but because of those experiements ,he didn’t win it and disappeared from the map.

Jay: Maybe that giant frog was made by him. Now I really wanna punch him in the face.

Kira: Not only you, that guy is going down! But the question is how are we gonna find him?

Blake: Before that, think about this, maybe he’s doing this experiments to get revenge against the one who won the award.

Jay: Which means – Jay’s eyes widened – Whoever it is, they in danger! Does it say who got the award?

Blake: Yes, a man named Dr Kelly.

Kira: Then we gotta find him quickly – They exit the house and run, but stop after seeing a giant cockatiel flying – Oh shit!

Blake: I guess that bird is going after the Kelly dude. Let’s follow it! – They began to run after it, but are stopped by a giant hamster – Jesus Christ!

Kira: We don’t have time for this, Kelly is in danger!

Jay: Alright then I got this thing, you two go after the bird! – The two nod and run after the cockatiel while Jay presses the button of his watch, then dials to the hologram of a humanoid bull and slams, glowing in cyan light.

[On a blue background, Jay’s body becomes a green crystal, with a silhouette of a humanoid bull appearing inside of it. Then the crystal breaks, revealing the Alien and the crystals starts turning into armor, knee pads, armbands, a back armor, appearing a red cape, boots, shoulder pads and a helmet. A green crystal circle appears on the middle of his chest, he creates a green crystal sword and sticks it on the ground, putting his hands on top of it while winds makes his cape move and the transformation is complete].

After that, Jay appears on his new form and the hamster jumps at him, but he punches and kicks it.

Jay: Let’s test this bullHe charges towards the hamster and grabs it, throwing it upwards and jumps, kicking it back on the ground while he falls Soo I can see that I have some kind of armor…. I guess I call this oneBefore he could finish, the hamster headbutts and kicks the bull away Hey I didn’t even finished!He sees his right hand glowing and put it in front of him, shooting a green energy blast at the hamster, who dodges and the blast make some crystals appear on the floor Crystal Bull? Wait that wasn’t the one, it’s TaurusKnight! Anyway, it appears I can shoot crystals, or maybeHe creates a green crystal sword Oh yeah, it’s all coming togetherHe charges towards the hamster and slashes it with his sword, then he kicks it and shoots another green energy blast at the animal, who is hit by it and flies away. Meanwhile with Kira and Blake, the two follow the bird and arrive at a building with the words “Kelly Industries” written on top of it.

Blake: I guess this is the place, and where’s the… Bird? – They look upwards and sees the bird diving towards them. The two move out of the way, with the bird missing them and flies up, diving again and almost hit Blake, who dodges in time.

Kira: Jesus this bird is fast!

Blake: We need to do something about it – Blake spots a two metal pipes, picks them and throws one at Kira, who quickly grabs it and they prepare for the next attack of the bird. The bird charges at them again, but this time they both hit it on the head, knocking it out and making it drag on the ground – Winner winner chicken dinner.

Kira: How did you like that bird brain? Now let’s go to the industry before more mutant animals appear.

Blake: Let’s keep the pipes in case they appear – Kira nod and the two enter the industry. Meanwhile back to TaurusKnight, he shoots another energy blast at the hamster, who’s face turns into crystal and the crystal breaks afterwards, with the hamster roaring.

TaurusKnight: Need to find a way to defeat itHe dodges another attack and sees the crystal on his chest Guess I know what to doHe closes his eyes and the crystal circle starts glowing, with the hamster charging towards the bull Gotcha! – He shoots a powerful green energy blast at the hamster, who’s body is turned into green crystal and after that, TaurusKnight falls on his right kneeMust have used to much energy in that attack, now I need to go help Kira and BlakeTaurusKnight began to run to where he thinks his friends are and back to them, after entering the industry, the two began looking for Dr. Kelly and they see a man with grey hair, blue eyes, wearing a cyan-gray colored suit and pants, light gray shirt, dark gray tie and black shoes and belt walking with a bunch of people. They run to him.

Kira: Hey excuse me – The man look to them.

Man: How did you enter the industry?

Blake: Well for some reason the door was open and we entered.

Man: Crap I must have forgotten to close it. But anyway, why are you two doing here?

Kira: Were looking for someone named Dr. Kelly, did you see him?

Man: Oh that’s me, why are you looking for me?

Blake: Well that’s convenient, anyway, you are in danger! – Kelly and the people look at them confused.

Kira: It may be hard to believe, but apparently a man named Animo is using mutant animals to kill you because you won an award or something.

Kelly: Animo, I don’t hear that name for years. I mean, yeah he would be kinda angry that I won the award, but it isn’t my fault he make experiments with animals. But to the point of trying to kill me because of that? – Outside of the industry, Jay, who had turned back to normal, arrives on the place and before he could enter, he hears loud footsteps and turns around, seeing what appears to be a dark green T-Rex, with its underbelly is paler green, its left side of the head, spinal column, the underside of its tail and left flank are showing without having skin and they show brown bones running towards the industry while a silhouette is on top of it. Jay’s eyes widened, he looks at his watch, which is glowing red and he runs to inside the industry, seeing Kira, Blake and the others.

Jay: Guys I’m glad I found you – He looks at Kelly – Who is this?

Blake: It’s Dr. Kelly.

Jay: Oh great, you found him. Anyway, we got to run, a T-Rex is coming – They hear a wall breaking and see the T-Rex, alongside the man, who is wearing the helmet, a dark metallic strainer that has four metallic parts holding it on the man’s chest and he’s also wearing black googles with red glasses – Here. Well shit.

Man: I finally found you Kelly, now it’s time to die!

Kelly: Who in the hell are you?

Man: Of course you wouldn’t recognize me, it has been 5 years since we last saw each other.

Kelly: ….Animo?

Kira: Wait, that dude is Aloysius Animo? Jesus what happened to you?

Animo: I locked myself on my lab for 5 years just to prepare my plans to kill you!

Kelly: Listen here Animo, it isn’t my fault you didn’t won the award!

Animo: I deserved that award more then you! My experiments are incredible and i was about to won, but they gave it to you.

Jay: Dude they give the award to Kelly because of your messed up experiments with animals! If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s yours, you maniac!

Animo: Enough talk, get him my T-Rex! – The T-Rex roars and charges towards the group, with they dodging and the people that where with Kelly running away in fear. The T-Rex began running after Kelly, who runs away while Animo laughs maniacally.

Jay: We have to do something about this!

Kira: Jay look out! – Kira points to behind Jay, who turns away and sees the giant cockatiel quickly grabbing him by its feet, then it throws him to a shelf, which falls after Jay falls on it and he appears with blood on his forehead and mouth – Oh you bastard! Now you’re dead! – Kira jumps and hits the bird on the head with the metal pipe, making it turn to her and she hits it again, but before she could it again, the bird grabs the pipe with its mouth and starts swinging Kira on the air while she holds the pipe. Blake grabs Jay and he throws his metal pipe at the bird heads, who turns to him and releases the pipe, making Kira fall on the ground.

Jay: Nice plan idiot, we’re dead.

Blake: At least I tried, but it’s your watch activated? – Jay looks at his watch, which is glowing in red and he shakes his head. Before the bird could attack them, Kira hits it on the head, making it fall on the ground. Then she began to hit it on the head several times, making blood fly everywhere and she stops, with the bird almost dead, but still a little alive. She approaches the two boys, with blood on her body – What the hell was that Kira?!

Kira: That bird deserved it, nobody messes with my friends and get away with it.

Jay: You realize that was a normal bird that turned into that right?

Kira: I. Don’t. Care. It deserved it! – She breaths and calms down – I’m okay.

Jay: ….Anyway, we need to help Kelly! – They hear a scream and a roar, running to where they are coming from and sees the T-Rex’s right foot on top of Kelly while Animo laughs – Animo stop this! This isn’t gonna end well to Kelly!

Animo: You think I care? The bastard took what I deserved, and he’s gonna die for it!

Blake: Look we know you wanted the award, but you think killing him is the right thing?!

Animo: Shut up already or you guys are next! – They hear a noise and look at Jay’s watch, which is glowing in cyan.

Jay: I got this – He presses the two buttons on each side, making the core appear and he starts dialing it, ending on a humanoid that resembles a beetle – Listen Animo! – Animo turns to Jay – I know that you are capable of controlling animals and dinosaurs, but are you capable of controlling insects? – Animo makes a confused face and Jay slams his watch, glowing in cyan light.

[On a blue background, Jay’s body is covered in azure metal, with both his hands and feet entering the armor, appearing black metallic hands with four sharp fingers, black feet with two sharp fingers, silver wings, red and silver boosters and blades appear, entering his back, shins and wrist. Then three black cables appear on each part of his body, cables connecting the shoulders to the wrists, hip to the knee, three cables on his arms, a silver belt with two cables on each side, a Japanese rhinoceros beetle horn appears, with two mini horns on its middle, a black beetle symbol appears on his chest and he shoots a blue energy blast from his horn to the sky, ending the transformation].

The glow disappears, revealing Jay on his new form.

Animo: What is that?!

Jay: WellHe looks at himself I think I’ll call this one Beetlezure, now let’s rumble!Beetlezure charges towards the T-Rex and tackles its left leg with his horn, making it fall on the ground and release Kelly, who runs to Kira and Blake.

Animo: This isn’t over, get up my mighty creature – The T-Rex gets up and roars, stomping on the ground and making a tremor that makes Beetlezure and the others fall on the ground, then it hits Beetlezure with its tail, making the azure beetle fly to a shelf – Now where were we? – The T-Rex approaches the group when suddenly, a blue energy blast hits it, revealed to be Beetlezure.

Beetlezure: Feel the power of the insects!He began shooting more energy blasts at the T-Rex Let’s see what other things I can doHe creates a blue energy sphere and shoots at the T-Rex Maybe I can shoot from my mouth tooHe opens his mouth and shoots another blue energy blast at the T-Rex Ok enough with the energy blasts, let’s flyHis back opens, revealing the wings and he flies towards Animo, punching him on the face and he falls from the T-Rex on the floor, with Beetlezure holding him by the shirt necklace Alright you crazy doctor, you’re gonna revert this thing back to normal before I kick your ass more!Animo smiles, leaving Beetlezure confused when suddenly, the T-Rex grabs the beetle by its mouth and starts shaking its head around I am not going to become T-Rex food! Quickly someone do something!Kira throws the metal pipe that hits the T-Rex on the eye, making it scream in pain and releases Beetlezure, who flies after getting thrown away and he thumbs up to Kira Need to find a way to end thisHe looks at the device Animo is using and sees the cables on his body I think I got an ideaHe flies to Animo, with the cables on his body grabbing the scientist by his arms and legs.

Animo: What are you going to do?!

Beetlezure: Just some hackingFour cables plug into the device and blue energy appears on them, entering the device which begins to glow in blue before exploding, sending Animo and Beetlezure away Ok I was not expecting thatHe looks behind him and sees the T-Rex standing with its mouth open before its body glows in red energy and turns into bones, falling on the ground.

Kira: Wait, you were fighting a fossil?

Beetlezure: Maybe that thing could bring back dead animalsSome time later, the police arrives and arrests Animo, who tries to get away.

Animo: This wasn’t the last time you saw me, I will get my revenge! – Jay just laughs while Animo is entering the Police car.

Kelly: Well thanks for helping me, you where the beetle robot right?

Jay: No problem and yeah, just don’t tell everybody that ok?

Kelly: Don’t worry, I’ll keep this as a secret between us.

Kira: Let’s just hope the crazy scientist doesn't escape prison and do more weird stuff.

Blake: Also you need to take that blood off your body Kira.

Kelly: Why you have blood on your body?

Jay: Well the crazy girl just almost beat a mutant bird to death, it’s still alive, but I guess it now has a concussion. But seriously, that was mess up Kira.

Kira: Sorry, i just went nuts after that thing attacked you.

Blake: Just don’t do that again ok?

Kira: Got it, now let’s just go home, I really need to take this bird blood from my body – The trio wave Kelly and go home.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Dr Animo, Dr Kelly and Animo's mutant animals make their first appearances.
  • TaurusKnight and Beetlezure make their debuts.



  • Dr Animo (First Appearance)
  • Mutant Frog (First Appearance)
  • Mutant Cockatiel (First Appearance)
  • Mutant Hamster (First Appearance)
  • Mutant T-Rex (First Appearance)

Aliens Used


  • Animo references Kamen Rider Build by using the series protagonist, Sento Kiryu's catchphrase.
  • Jay, Kira and Blake's outfit on this episode is a reference to the Toaru series, with Jay using Accelerator's outfit, Kira using Misaka's outift and Blake using Touma's outfit.
  • Kira mentions Godzilla, while Blake mentions the Dada, an Alien from the Ultraman franchise.
  • Dracozzard's transformation sequence on this episode is a reference to the transformation sequence of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight episode 2 after Kit make a contract with Dragreder.
  • Dracozzard mentions Froggit from Undertale.
  • Kira mentions the TMNT franchise twice, by mentioning the Ooze and Baxter Stockman, with the former being a liquid that can mutate living beings and the former is a mad scientist, enemy of the Turtles.
  • TaurusKnight references Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove by using his memorable quote.


  • Like episodes two and three, this episode is similar to the Ben 10 episode Washington B.C, with both episodes involving Dr Animo as the main villain with his goal of killing Kelly and obtain the award.
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