Angry Bird is an iPodbird from the planet Rovio that is up for free usage.


Angry Bird looks like that red bird from Angry Bird.


  • Changing appearances between angry birds
  • Red is normal form
  • Yellow has super speed
  • Blue can duplicate thrice
  • Green can spin in air and can use beak for different kinds of weapons
  • White can fire explosive eggs and rocket up with them
  • Black can explode, but times out afterwards
  • Orange can grow
  • Pink can blow trapping bubbles
  • Dark red is huge and has super strength
  • Mighty eagle is bigger and stronger than dark red
  • Launching himself at pigs for no apparent reason
  • Is very addicting
  • Knocking down walls


  • Missing
  • Losing
  • Being shut off in the middle of a game



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