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Anglerdish is the Collectron's DNA sample of a Chomptidae from the planet Torpréfidia.


Anglerdish has a anglerfish-like appearance.

Anglerdish is a fish-like alien with blue skin and a huge jaw. His jaw is scattered with rows of extremely sharp and large teeth, which are slightly dirty. The inside of his mouth is blue. His gill slits are positioned inside his mouth in rows of three. He has two yellow eyes on either side of his head. He has a blue lure with a yellow handle connecting to a green lure, similar to a lamp. He has two fins extended a little with small finger sections. He has a black suit with a yellow stripe running through it and a blue tail.

Anglerdish wears the Collectron emblem on his forehead.


Anglerdish's voice is medium and raspy.


Anglerdish has an urge to eat anything around him.

Powers and Abilities

Anglerdish can eat almost anything in his vicinity, including hard or indigestible objects like a shelter wall or metal. Furthermore, he can fit a mass supply of objects in his mouth due to his large and wide mouth.

After digestion, Anglerdish can convert his consumed objects into a concentrated, powerful yellow energy beam that he fires from his lure. The energy generated from this beam can be used to slice through objects or damage opponents.

Despite having fins, not hands, Anglerdish has two fingers on each fin which can be used to grab "food".

Anglerdish can breathe underwater and swim at a fast pace. His agility and speed increase underwater as well.

Anglerdish has night vision, but not normal night vision, as his vision is similar to seeing the area in the daytime. Alternatively, he can make his lure shine brightly, illuminating the area.

Anglerdish has very strong and sharp teeth which can chew and digest solid matter easily, or bite opponents.

Anglerdish is very strong, being able to rip a bumper off a car.

Anglerdish's skin gives him an immunity durable hide, which can withstand physical and energy attacks very well, including his own energy beams.

Anglerdish can jump extremely high out of the water.

Anglerdish can regrow teeth, and regrow and fix Jay's teeth, as Jay used Anglerdish to restore and fix his chipped tooth.

Anglerdish can survive underwater pressure at a great rate. He is also a little resistant against electricity, such as that generated by a Thunderayan.


Anglerdish has a limit to what he can eat, as his stomach is natural.

Anglerdish cannot move on land by walking; instead he must crawl, which is not very fast.

Anglerdish has a limit to how many items he can put in his mouth.

Anglerdish's mouth can still be hurt due to the food on the inside, such as a spiky mace.

Anglerdish must resist the temptation to eat everything around him.


Anglerdish's name comes from anglerfish, referencing his appearance and dish, a food-related word referencing his eating abilities.


  • Anglerdish's name is Jay's favorite pun.


Chomptidae are a predatory, aggressive and deadly species that prey on anything that they can find. They are naturally evolved to be extremely resistant to all kinds of attacks, and are at the top of the food chain. They even eat their fellow species Quiliwillians.

Torpréfidia is a very dark blue planet with various oceans where the inhabitants live. There are islands with dusty black sand. Storms circle around everywhere due to the Thunderayans, and various blinking lights are present to attract prey. Torpréfidia has been ravaged by all the abilities caused by its inhabitants.

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