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Angler Fish
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
DNA source Unknown
Body Fish
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Steel-Bending Jaws

Sharp Teeth

Underwater Respiration

Glowing Lure

First Appearance Water Worries

Angler Fish is an alien transformation in the series, Brandon 10.


Angler Fish takes the appearance of the small, blue/tan-ish/white fish with a green lure and green, triangular eyes. He also has a large mouth with an overbite of big teeth and small fins for arms. There are two dark blue rings around his tail which has some strokes of green on them. The Omnitrix Symbol is located on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Angler Fish has the ability to breath underwater and swim at high speed. He can also bite through anything with his steel-like jaws. As seen in Water Worries, the rebooted variation, Angler Fish also has enhanced vision, hearing and he can detect currents.


Due to Angler Fish's short size, he can be attacked very easily. He also isn't the best fighter.


Original Series


Video Games

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  • Angler Fish has all of the sensory systems of fish however at a more advanced level which makes up for his small size.


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