Angelhands is a Seraphicaelum from Planet Divino Deus .


  • Healing Powers
  • Flight
  • Invisibility
  • Storm creator
  • Throw lightning

Appearances in Ben 10

Angelhands is going to be in Ben 10 Alien Wars. Angelhands hasn't appear in any episodes yet.


He is very gentle which gives the villains advantage.

If his wings are injured then he can no longer fly rendering him useless.

Ultimate Omnitrix

Angelhands Ultimate
  • He appeared in Ultimate Omnitrix 2 in the form of Ultimate Angelhands.
  • He is very proud and strong.

He made a debut in Psychomaniacs where he tried to disrupt the power so that Psyphon and Overlord may live.

He use Pyrokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Aerokinesis, Geokinesis, fire energy bolts, create and rip down reality using his Laser Sword, Flight, Levitation and Magic spells (the wraps glow when he recites a spell). He can go through dimensions and is skilled in martial arts.

  • His laser sword doesn't work almost at all
  • Dimensional Teleportation is limited.
  • His unlocking code: A-N-G 295045

Mega Form


His Mega Form will appear in Hostage Crisis (Part 1) while fighting Vilgax.

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