Angelex is a series created by Reo. It was created on the 28/06/14.


The Series follows a young boy nammed Lex Tennyson, better known as Angelex. Angelex is a secret hero. When ever something happends, Angelex is there. He is involved with aliens, in which the other people of Earth do not believe. Can Angelex stay hidden and save the Earth? Can he make mankind believe in aliens? See for your selves on Angelex.


Main Heroes

Secondary Heroes

Main Villains

Minor Villains


Seasons Season Name Episodes First Airdate Last Airdate
1 Angelex Rises 12 04/07/14 TBA
2 TBA Unknown TBA TBA
3 TBA Unknown TBA TBA
Total Angelex Unknown 04/07/14 TBA
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