Andromeda Problems is the third episode of At Azmuth's College.


Albedo wants a partner for work in combat against Ben, but he has to find someone from another galaxy, so he can't tell anyone in the Milky Way. He finds a Prypiatosian-B, C'arbon, who was imprisoned in a containment suit for crime. He helps him escape using Diamondhead and then switches into NRG. He also scans with its Ultimatrix a strange alien of an unknown species. Ben 10,000 also gains it, as the Omnitrixes are synchronized.

Meanwhile, Evfnye, Sektor, Vektor and Electron are listening to Azmuth, who is teaching them about the Warp Drive, a technology already known on Galvan Prime, but still unknown on Earth and Teslavorr. They were planning to use it to reach the Andromeda Galaxy, where Albedo's signs are detected. This is because other galaxies can't be reached without Warp Drive, or it will take millions of years.

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  • This episode was originally intended to be called Andromeda Trouble. It was renamed after Evfnye.misx70 discovered that an episode of Ben 10: Multi Trixes by Roads was already called Andromeda Trouble.
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